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Minimalistic earthy Newport Coast bathroom remodel


When looking to refresh your home, your bathroom is the perfect place to start! It is a space where you get to relax, refresh, and be yourself, so ideally, you would want that space to reflect these ideas. Whether it is getting ready or getting home from your day, you want to complete your routine in a tranquil environment that brings you peace.

For some, a calming bathroom might entail bright pops of color, while for others it may be soft neutrals. Regardless of your taste, we want to highlight a few tones that are currently trending for fall 2022 but will be timeless staples for years to come.


5 Bathroom Color Trends for Fall 2022 and Beyond


1.  Warm Muted Tones

When fall comes to mind, you may picture burnt oranges & warm tones, even though these colors may be representative of a certain season, using them in your bathroom design can keep that cozy feeling all year long- while remaining classic and trendy.

Referring to accent walls and wood features, softened versions of terracotta & marigold are going to offer those warm, sultry tones that bring brightness into your space but are still mellow and soft.



2.  Inspired by Minimalism

Minimalism is all the talk today, and we can see why. Clean but not bland, and simple but not boring, light colors with cool undertones represent this “less is more” idea perfectly.

Inspired by the late 1960s/early 1970s movement that focused on expressing only the most essential elements of a space, this trending theme focuses on seamless compositions like matching backsplashes and countertops. We see home design straying away from grey and bright white tones, and meeting somewhere in the middle to create a blissful space.




3.  Jewel Tones

Maybe you’re not a minimalist, but not quite a maximalist- wanting to include color in your bathroom without feeling overwhelmed. These deep & moody jewel tones are a great way to embrace color in your bathroom and are especially beautiful for shower tile, cabinets, & accent walls.

Whether muted or not, colors such as turquoise, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, jade, and peridot are stunning examples of sophisticated jewel hues.




4.  Earthy Hues

Your bathroom is your safe space, so designing it with colors that are going to ground you and create a calming environment is essential to creating a space you will love for years to come. Earthy hues include tones such as muted green, taupe, and beige,
reminding you of the natural world around you.

Not only are these shades ideal for walls & flooring, but they are perfect for cabinetry, tile, & fixtures as well. When trying to achieve a natural, earthy space, you can go a step further by incorporating organic and sustainable materials that give off tranquil energy.


Sage colored walls


5.  Creamy Neutrals

Neutral palettes are quite common when it comes to home design. The obvious reason behind this is that natural tones are timeless and can adapt to your needs a bit more easily than intense colors.

When we use the term creamy neutrals, we are also saying off-white tones, leaning more towards a subtle beige with warm undertones. The versatility that comes with these tones makes bathroom design simple and timeless, painting your walls in this palette might make your space look & feel larger as well.



Looking to Create a Bathroom that Represents Your Taste?


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To get an idea of what our work looks like, check out our online portfolio of completed bathroom remodels. You’ll see everything from simple powder rooms to master bathroom suites. There’s no job too big or too small!


If you’re looking for ideas for your own remodel, be sure to register for one of our upcoming remodeling webinars. Our expert designers will walk you through some of the challenges of remodeling so you can avoid major pitfalls and end up with a space you truly love.


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