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Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry is commonly known as the transitional space between your kitchen and dining room. This pantry and countertop space includes cabinetry for additional kitchen storage. The space has evolved over the years through as open floor plans have been on the rise.

In today’s design world, butler’s pantries have evolved into a multi-purpose space. This includes a bar area, elevated hallway with storage, or even a kitchen prep station. But that is also the beauty of adding a butler’s pantry to your new modern home remodel!

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Tall white butler’s pantry with brick backsplash.

Origin of the term butler’s pantry

Although many homeowners do not have a butler to tend to their home like the old days, this is where the name of the space originates. Butler’s pantries were very popular in Victorian England and Colonial American homes. The main use was to store luxurious serving pieces that were guarded by the butler.

While the butler’s pantry may have declined as open floor layouts are trending, we have seen butler’s pantries slowly make its way back into home design. However, the modern butler’s pantry differs from those build in Victorian England. The design and purpose have evolved over the years in a more simplistic manner.

A normal pantry vs a butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is basically a fancier version of a regular pantry. A normal pantry is used for storage within your kitchen, while a butler’s pantry can be an extension of your kitchen.

A butler’s pantry is more customizable to your needs. A butler’s pantry can be used as a home bar, extra storage, or a prepping space to entertain. The main idea is to keep your kitchen more organized for your daily needs.

Butler’s pantries also are best for storing extra appliances, while maximizing cabinetry and shelves for kitchen storage.

Determining measurements

If you have the space to remodel and add a butler’s pantry, consider placing it between your kitchen and dining room. A small area near your kitchen such as an underused closet, mudroom, nook, or hallway, can be turned into a butler’s pantry.

Depending on your everyday needs, you might include cabinetry with dividers, a pull-out trash can, a beverage center, and some fancy backsplash tile and quartz countertops to complement the style of your kitchen.

Open-concept layout is a trending and functional kitchen design. With a larger space, the butler’s pantry has made its way back into trending design, adding a designated space in the kitchen for customizable use.

The modern butler’s pantry has countertops, which make it a practical area near the kitchen for storage and staging decorations. Butler’s pantries can include an additional sink, making it a wet bar, with a fridge under the counter. This is ideal for keeping the clutter out of sight and the mess out of the kitchen while entertaining.

Hire a design and build professional to look at your scope of work and determine what features would be best to include.

Your butler’s pantry design

As mentioned, how you use your butler’s pantry is important. Whether you are looking to include a sink, beverage center, or space for storage, there are a few essential features to consider.

Cabinets and drawers are necessary for storing silverware, serving utensils, china, linens, and drinking glasses. Cabinets with glass cases or open shelving is also great for storage while showing off your vintage pieces or decorations.

Your butler’s pantry should include a countertop since it is the perfect space to place appliances such as a coffee maker, or just as a place to set plates before transferring them to the dining room. However, if you plan to store appliances, make sure to place a power outlet either above the counter or in your cabinetry to hide the socket for a seamless design.

Lighting is another important element in a butler’s pantry. Plan on using bright canned lighting if you are planning to use it as a workspace. Or you can go with dimmer lighting to easily control the tone of the space. If you are showing off stunning pieces in cabinetry, consider installing inset lighting.


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Design ideas

As far as coming up with a design style for your butler’s pantry, the options are unlimited, but there are a few tips that our design experts recommend getting you started.


White butler’s pantry with white brick tiles.

You may want to just keep it classic. Going with a light, bright, and classic style is a popular timeless design for a butler’s pantry. Especially with clear glass cabinetry, you can show off your colorful pieces, that add pop to the space.


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Small white butler’s pantry with blue backsplash with silver hardware.

Consider installing open shelving for a modern butler’s pantry design. Open-shelving is great for grab-and-go convenience and to display your decorative pieces. Using color in your backsplash tile also makes the space lively.

Butler’s pantry with open shelves and wine fridge

Include a wine fridge or beverage center in your butler’s pantry remodel for maximizing this space. Nowadays, it is popular to make your butler’s pantry into your home bar as well!

Lastly, a great design idea is to make your butler’s pantry multi-purpose. Extend the countertop and cabinetry into a desk space. With this innovative space, working from home just got easier!

What to store in a butler’s pantry

Butler’s pantry with wooden wall wine storage, wine fridge, and cabinets.

A butler’s pantry is totally customizable to fit your daily needs. Originally, butler’s pantries were meant for storage, but nowadays they can include see-through cabinetry to display china or your fanciest glasses.

It is even popular to include outlets inside your cabinetry to store kitchen appliances such as your toaster, coffeemaker, or mixer. Your butler’s pantry can be your dry bar, baking station, or working space- it is up to you!

No matter what the purpose is for your space, you are most likely going to choose the tile backsplash, countertop, and cabinetry you want. Keep in mind that although this may be an additional space to your kitchen or dining area, the style should remain cohesive to all nearby spaces.

Today, butler’s pantries are a big trend in kitchen remodeling as many homeowners have their eyes set on open-concept layouts. The butler’s pantry adds more storage space and functional use to your space that can also free up more space in your kitchen.

Make sure to think about your intentions for your new butler’s pantry. Will you be using it as a bar area, desk space, or simply for additional storage? Gather several inspiration photos and schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals to get started on your remodel.

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