In many of today’s bathroom remodels, unique shower tile designs transform a walk-in shower from a bare necessity to an eye-catching centerpiece. While the primary purpose of a shower is for everyday bathing, there’s no reason why it can’t double as a vital element in the room’s overall design.


Today, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite Orange County bathroom renovations. As you’ll see, each one has its own unique shower tile design. Some are classic designs that have been around for ages while others are a bit more trendy and stylish. Whatever your own design preference is, there’s probably one here that will suit your fancy!


1. Subway Shower Tile Design With Chevron Accent

Who says you can’t combine a timeless classic with a more modern tile layout? In this Irvine bathroom remodel, the walk-in shower in the master bath got a facelift that’s both timeless and trendy. Traditional large subway style tiles cover most of the shower wall but they’re beautifully accented by a unique marble tile inset with a chevron design.


Shower Tile Designs


2. Shower Tile Designs With Warm, Earthy Hues

This Newport Coast bathroom remodel takes on a warm, comfortable feel thanks to its earthy colored tilework. Natural, sandy tones here are a perfect fit since this home is close to the beach and the bathroom itself has expansive views of the nearby ocean. While the porcelain shower tile design on the wall is more linear, the shower floor is adorned with marble hexagon tiles. They have a similar color but provide a subtle yet noticeable accent. Schluter metal edge trim in titanium bronze outlines the built-in shampoo niches and offers a stunning but complementary contrast to the wall tile.


Shower Tile Designs


3. Stunning Tile Insets

Built-in shampoo niches above a freestanding tub or in the shower are a hot bathroom design trend right now. Homeowners love them because they offer a convenient and stylish place to store bathing necessities. Our bathroom designers love them because they’re also the perfect place to add a splash of color or a unique tile accent. Take a look at this bathroom remodel in Foothill Ranch, for example. The shower niche boasts a marvelous marble and mosaic tile design that’s beautiful all on its own. But it also matches perfectly with the backsplash above the nearby vanity, adding depth, texture, and visual intrigue.


Shower Tile Designs


4. Pretty Porcelain Shower Tile Designs

It’s important to understand that shower tile designs aren’t simply there for looks. They come with a purpose, too, and sometimes the look contributes to that purpose. In this North Tustin bathroom renovation, for example, the homeowners wanted the bathroom to have an elegant, spacious, spa-like feel … perfect for an at-home oasis where they could relax and unwind after a stressful day. The porcelain shower tile design here looks beautiful but also contributes to that purpose. Its design is calming and subtle, creating an obvious barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom but subtle enough to make the elegant gold fixtures stand out.


Shower Tile Designs


5. Coordinating But Contrasting Shower Tile Designs

With traditional shower tile designs, the color and style was often uniform throughout. For example, you might have the timeless subway style where rectangular tiles are arranged in a linear fashion. The entire shower would be outfitted with the same tile and design, with any other tilework throughout the room being virtually the same. As you’ve seen with today’s trendy bathroom designs, however, the shower tile doesn’t necessarily have to be the same exact design as the rest of the room.


In this seaside-inspired master bathroom remodel, for example, half of the bathroom is a fully tiled wet room. The shower tile lining the walls is actually porcelain but its veined look and seamless installation make it appear to be luxurious marble. The hexagonal floor tiles are also porcelain, their colors coordinating perfectly with the wall tile but their geometric layout providing a significant contrast to the wall’s veined appearance.


Shower Tile Designs


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