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Small, tiny houses


1. The Ravenlore

Nicki just moved into The Ravenlore, a colorful victorian-inspired tiny home with a lot of character. Measuring 22 ft long x 8 ft wide, the Ravenlore has the unique feature of solar power for sustainable living. Step inside, and you’ll be surprised at how much functionality is squeezed into this brightly lit painted lady.


2. The Music City Tiny House

The Music City Tiny House is one that has gained fame for being a state-of-the-art and modern tiny home with many common bells and whistles, packed into a 8ft wide x 24ft long x 13 ft high space. You can actually make this tiny house yours for a night if traveling to Nashville, as they’re listed on airbnb for $108/night!
Stay with a friend; with two lofts with queen sized beds, its spacious enough for having guests without getting in eachother’s hair.


3. Tiny House that Houses Family of Four

Can you imagine living in a tiny house with a family of four!? Us neither— until we saw the Merrifield’s 30ft long x 8 ft wide home. With a roomy kitchen and ample storage, and innovative walk in closet/bathroom hybrid, it’s got all the staples of a standard family home. Two enclosed lofts offer privacy for the kids and parents while keeping them connected with the rest of the house.



Did you ever think a king sized bed, flat screen TV, and a fire place could be squeezed inside a tiny home?! Not only does this miniature sized house have all these amenities for living comfortably, it has a functioning kitchen. The tiny non-toxic sustainably built home is fully equipped with all the necessities you need for living in the wilderness.


5. EarthSong Eco-Village Tiny Home

EarthSong Eco-Village contains one of New Zealand’s first Tiny Homes. The beautifully crafted home is made up of cork flooring and pine walls. Most of the furniture compacted in this small space is multifunctional providing an abundant amount of storage space. The cozy interior design will make you forget you are touring a tiny home.


Tiny houses are environmentally friendly and are a great option if you are looking to downsize tremendously. Whether you design your own space or rent one for a mini vacation, the tiny living movement is spreading, allowing you to live almost anywhere!

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