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Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while, some more than others. In recent years, more homeowners are looking to create their own oasis by sprucing up their bathrooms and adding high end amenities. A luxury bathroom will have you feeling like royalty, living among the rich and famous. Here are five things you’ll find in the most upscale bathrooms.

Master bath with tub columns
1. Arched Bathtub Nook
This idea has become popular among bath junkies and Pinterest users alike. Having a sectioned alcove for your bathtub, perhaps with a large window overlooking a beautiful view, makes a soak in the tub feel extra special. It lets you tuck away even further into your relaxation oasis of a bathroom, and really escape from the outside world. Adding shelving or flat surface area around the tub is always a good idea, so that you can place scented candles, a stereo, or any other items to help enhance the calming ambiance.

2. Heated Floors
Stepping out of a warm tub onto cold tile? Not for the indulgent folk who appreciate a luxury bathroom! Heated floors will keep your zen mood afloat even after exiting the bath or shower… or even when you’re stepping into the bathroom first thing in the morning. Don’t be jolted awake by cold feet.

3. Rainfall Shower
It seems that the bigger the shower, the fancier it is. But of course, one small showerhead cannot cover the extra square feet in a true luxury shower. The new craze: rainfall showers. Installed into or just below the ceiling, rainfall showers deliver a vertical stream of water down onto you. They can cover more ground for larger, or shared, showers.

4. Sauna
If you have the extra room, a sauna is a must-have for anybody who appreciates a true spa-like feel to their bathroom. If you don’t have the room, then make some! A sauna is worth knocking down extra walls for. There will not be any need to run to your gym to break a sweat. Your own private sauna means no strangers (or their sweat), and complete privacy.

5. Fireplaces
Fireplaces are not just for the living room, anymore! Cozy up your bathroom by installing one right near your tub or vanity. Spruce your hearth up even further by adding a flat screen TV. Just imagine: a lighthearted movie paired with a glass of wine and a jet tub. Now that’s heaven.

Is splurging on a luxury bathroom worth it? If you lead a busy life and appreciate an indulgent night winding down, you will probably enjoy the investment. While it will take some work, the outcome will be rewarding.

Stop by the Sea Pointe Construction headquarters in Orange County for bathroom design ideas and to consult with our construction specialists. We can help you turn your home into your dream home… including a dream bathroom.


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