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Anaheim Hills bathroom remodelLearning how to plan a bathroom remodel is absolutely critical to the project’s timely and successful completion as well as your ultimate satisfaction with the end results. Today, we’ll walk you through some important steps that will help simplify your renovation from start to finish and leave you with a bathroom you love!


How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel in 5 Easy Steps


#1: Dream it so you can achieve it.


Here, we’re not talking about pie-in-the-sky visions. Rather, we’re talking about realistic goals you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation as well as how you want it to look.


Perhaps you already have a picture in mind of what your ideal bathroom will look like. If not, there are plenty of places online, such as YouTube and Pinterest, where you can go to get ideas. You’ll want to look for ideal floor plans that could fit your space as well as design inspirations that are aesthetically pleasing to you.


Pro tip: A professional bathroom designer can help you plan a bathroom remodel with ease.They have the expertise to know exactly what can fit where, what will work in terms of design and function, and what will fit your style and budget.


#2: Determine your bathroom remodeling budget.


Your ideal bathroom will never come to fruition if you can’t afford it. Take some time to determine exactly how much you have to spend on your bathroom renovation. This will significantly affect what you can and can’t do in the next few steps.


Pro tip: Plan for the unexpected. It’s not uncommon for remodeling projects to have unforeseen developments along the way. Earmark 10-15% of your remodeling budget to handle contingencies so you’re not caught financially unprepared.


#3: Choose materials based on your bathroom design.


Now that your design and budget are finalized, here comes the fun part – picking out fixtures, finishings, and materials! There’s a wide variety of materials available so take your time and choose wisely.


Pro tip: Bathrooms are some of the most highly trafficked rooms in the home and they’re also exposed to a great deal of moisture on a daily basis. When you plan a bathroom remodel, choose quality materials that are moisture-resistant and will stand the test of time and traffic.


#4: Hire the right bathroom remodeling contractor.


Unless you’re a highly skilled plumber, electrician, designer, and builder, a bathroom remodel is typically not a do-it-yourself job. That means finding the best bathroom remodeling contractor in your area.


How do you find the best remodeling company? That’s a great question. You can start by asking friends, family members or co-workers about their experience with local remodeling companies. You can also look at the customer reviews of contractors in your area as well as their online remodeling portfolios to get an idea about the quality of their work.


Pro tip: Look for a local remodeling company that has years of bathroom remodeling experience. Ideally, you’ll want to also choose a design-build remodeling company so everything can be handled under one contract – design, engineering, permitting, and construction.


#5: Complete your bathroom remodel project.


Once the planning is complete, you’re ready for action. In the words of the famous comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, it’s time to ‘Get-r-done!’ This is more than just a fun, catchy phrase … the doing is absolutely essential or otherwise, the planning was completely in vain.


In the doing phase, there’s plenty to think about because the average bathroom remodel can take anywhere from weeks to months. Of course, the ultimate timeline will depend on the size and scale of your project. A small powder bathroom remodel, for example, will typically take less time than creating a luxurious master bathroom that’s part of a master bedroom suite. Unfortunately, another factor that comes into play in today’s world is the possibility of supply chain delays … just another reason to plan a bathroom remodel well in advance of when you actually need it completed.


Pro tip: You may not be able to use the bathroom at all during construction. That means planning ahead for what spaces your family CAN use during this time. Ask your remodeling contractor when the builders will be on site and how long your bathroom remodel will take.


Plan a Bathroom Remodel With the Orange County Remodeling Experts


We think you’ll find that Sea Pointe Design & Remodel is one of the best remodeling companies in Orange County. Why? There are two primary reasons:


  1. We are a design-build company. Everything you need to plan a bathroom remodel or any other remodeling project is all under one roof, meaning less hassle for you!
  2. We use high quality materials installed by remodeling professionals. You get quality work done by experts in the field with materials that will last!


Are you ready to plan a bathroom remodel in Orange County? Simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 today or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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