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Beginning a kitchen remodel can feel like a daunting task. After all, there are so many decisions to make, and this type of project goes well beyond simply picking new fixtures or hardware.


So, how do you break down a kitchen remodel into smaller parts that are easier to handle? It’s simple – you just need to know the questions to ask BEFORE you start. Today, we’ll walk you through exactly what you need to think about prior to beginning a kitchen remodel. The process of answering these questions will help you define how much you can spend, who should do the work, and what needs to be done.


Ask Yourself These 5 Key Questions Prior to Beginning a Kitchen Remodel:


1. How much do I have available to spend on my kitchen remodel?

Before beginning a kitchen remodel, or ANY remodeling project, it’s important to nail down a realistic remodeling budget. While the ‘b’ word may make you cringe, it shouldn’t! Creating and sticking to a budget while renovating your kitchen can actually be a stress-relieving experience. It will help you prioritize spending so you get what you want with fewer monetary surprises.


2. To what extent should I remodel my kitchen?

If you’ve already answered the first question, you know how much money you have available to spend on your kitchen remodel. Now it’s time to decide exactly HOW you want to spend those funds.


For example, does your kitchen simply need a fresh look? If so, a new paint color or new cabinets could easily do the trick. If your kitchen doesn’t quite function the way you’d like, however, the project could be more involved. It might be time for some floor plan changes, moving or removing walls, and an overall makeover from top to bottom.


In this Mission Viejo kitchen remodel, removing two walls and adding a sloped ceiling were significant changes. However, doing this greatly increased the room’s square footage and made a new pantry possible.

Beginning a Kitchen Remodel

3. Who should I hire for my kitchen remodel?

At this point, you have a good idea of how much money you’re willing to spend and a general understanding of what you’d like to change in your kitchen. Now, it’s time to decide WHO is going to do the work. Unless it’s simply painting the walls, remodeling your kitchen is not likely to be a DIY project. That means finding and securing the right remodeling professionals to do the job.


To decide who you should hire, refer back to your answer to question 2. If you’re only replacing cabinets, for example, you may choose to hire someone who specializes in kitchen cabinetry. In contrast, if your kitchen remodel includes a major overhaul, you’ll want to look for a design-build remodeling company that has everything under one contract. With a design-build company, you’ll get a general contractor, professional designer, master builders, and all the related professions in one easy-to-manage contract that will handle the project from start to finish.


When you’re beginning a kitchen remodel, this is one of the most important decisions to make. That’s because the right professional can help you make some of the other important decisions that follow.

Kitchen Remodel In Irvine - Kitchen Layout Mistakes

4. What do I need and what do I want in my kitchen remodel?

When you answered question 2, you probably already came up with a wish list – all the things you’d like to change about your current kitchen so it can look and function the way you’d like it to. Now that you have a professional kitchen designer to work with, it’s time to separate that wish list into wants and needs.


Needs are things that are non-negotiable. You must have them in order to be satisfied with the end result and how it looks and feels. Once your designer knows what you have to have, they can work on fitting those things into your pre-determined remodeling budget.


Wants are things you’d like to have but if they didn’t fit into the budget, your kitchen remodel would still turn out just fine. Sometimes, you may have to give up some of your wants when you’re beginning a kitchen remodel in order to make room for the necessities. If your project comes in under budget, though, some of these wants can often be added back in.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

5. What kind of style do I want in my new kitchen?

Between Pinterest boards, YouTube videos, and other resources online, you don’t have to go very far these days to get all kinds of kitchen design ideas. But which ones are right for your home and your personality? This is one key job that the professional kitchen designer you hired will do for you. They can easily pair your personal preferences with current kitchen design trends and the overall style of your home to give you a kitchen that looks and feels great.


For example, this kitchen remodel in Laguna Woods makes great use of sleek lines and smooth surfaces to create a stylish, modern feel. It also includes a variety of universal design features that will make it easy for the homeowners to age in place.

Beginning a Kitchen Remodel

Before Beginning a Kitchen Remodel, Talk to the Orange County Remodeling Experts!

At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, we’ve been designing and creating stylish and functional kitchens for Orange County homeowners for almost 40 years. From modern masterpieces in Mission Viejo to coastal farmhouse kitchens in Irvine, we’ve completed kitchen remodels throughout Orange County, including Dana Point, Lake Forest, Fountain Valley, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, and more.


Take a closer look at our work by browsing through our online portfolio of completed projects. Learn helpful tips from the remodeling pros by registering for one of our upcoming remodeling workshops. Or, stop in and get ideas at our kitchen and bath showroom.

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Then, when you’re ready to start planning your own kitchen remodel, simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.



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