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The bathroom might just be the most underrated room of the home. Many of them are designed to be functional– we do not particularly think of it as a place where we enjoy spending time. What if we told you that a few structural updates could drastically impact the way you think about and use your bathroom? A handful of design elements can make your time spent in the loo more convenient, relaxing, and worthwhile.


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1. Shower Niche
A cluttered shower means a cluttered mind. Bottles are prone to toppling into the tub when perched on the slippery, often curved edges. Trying to balance your products on precarious pole caddies can be annoying and unreliable. Building a niche, or a recessed shelving area, in your shower can save space while keeping all of your favorite products stored compactly. Tucked away from the water stream, they are less likely to get wet and slippery when placed inside a niche, as well. Break it up with shelves to store double the products.

2. Shower Seat
Some people are “bath people,” some people are “shower people,” but just because you prefer showers, does not mean you can’t take the time to have a seat and relax! Building a shower seat or bench inside the tub can turn your routine showers into spa like experience. Enjoy the water or turn the showerhead away to use the steam like a sauna.

3. Wide Bathtub Lips
Okay, so you are a bath person—there’s nothing wrong with that! What makes a bath more enjoyable than the lights turned down low, scented candles around the tub, and maybe even a good book? Wide tub lips will make perching items on the edge much easier and without risk of falling in and getting soaked.

4. Submerged Tub
Now this is just plain cool. Instead of your tub having walls that come up from the floor, submerge the tub into your floor for easy entry and less splashes. Stairs within the tub will help you get in and out smoothly, and without having to step over a tall bath wall.

5. Secluded Toilet
This is one of the most practical design elements you can implement into your bathroom. If you’re living with someone else, or perhaps you have a family, getting ready in the mornings can be difficult with everyone fighting for the bathroom. Secluding a toilet behind a door separately from the sink and shower area can let family members take care of their morning business simultaneously. You will be less rushed, and more likely to enjoy yourself while you leisurely prepare to take on the day.

To talk about adding these elements, or any other design ideas you have, to your own home, call Sea Pointe Design & Remodel for a free consultation or stop by our showroom to talk to one of our design experts.



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