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The residential bathroom has undergone many changes in recent years. What was once a room with one primary function, is now often viewed as an intimate space and a private sanctuary. With that subtle change in use comes some not-so-subtle design changes. Here are a few bathroom design trends you can expect to see in 2020.

Materials That Speak of Nature

With the hectic pace and digital nature of today’s world, homeowners prefer a more natural look in their bathrooms. Materials like marble will be especially popular as they are inherently beautiful, but also functional. They can be used almost anywhere in the bathroom, including walls, showers, countertops, and floors.

On the other side of the spectrum is concrete. This costs significantly less than marble but works well for those who prefer more of a modern or minimalist look. Its ease of installation and maintenance is especially appealing to the busy homeowner.

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Open Concept Floor Plans and Design

Even though bathrooms are private spaces and not meant for a crowd, open floor plans within them are trending. Freestanding tubs, glass doors on walk-in showers, and strategically placed lights or windows can all contribute to the airy feeling of the room and create a spa-like environment that feels more like a retreat than a bathroom.

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Dynamic Walls

Whether it’s the color of the walls themselves, or the décor that’s put on them, walls can make a statement. New trends include brightly painted or papered accent walls or the other extreme – black walls with white trim and gold fixtures. In either scenario, the result is a bold and sophisticated look that can make even a small space seem elegant.

Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Fun Fixtures

Instead of choosing traditional fixtures, oftentimes because of the simplicity of doing so, homeowners are now getting creative and letting the fixtures take more of an important role in the room’s overall design. Popular trends include exposed plumbing, dressed up with a beautiful finish of gold, pewter, or polished nickel.

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Wood Cabinetry and Floating Vanities

For those who love wood cabinets, this design trend is perfect, since stained, reclaimed, and driftwood types are all in style! And, don’t forget about the emergence of floating vanities – these cabinets no longer have to go all the way to the floor, especially if you’re looking to achieve a more modern or minimalist look.

Free standing tub in newport beach master bath remodel.

Steam room in remodeled bathroom remodel.Fun, Modern Bathroom Technology

While many homeowners want to escape the world of technology within the private space of their bathroom, others are choosing to embrace it. Elements like infrared saunas and smart toilets are finding their way into residential bathrooms across the country, making time spent in the bathroom a little more enjoyable.

Regardless of what trends are popular, it’s important to remember that each bathroom remodel is different, and should be constructed around the individual needs and goals of the homeowner. Let’s discuss your dream bathroom.

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