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New Year means new home design trends. If you are looking to do some home renovations, here are a few trending design ideas that our professional Home Designers absolutely love in 2020.

Including Earthy Tones in Your 2020 Home Design

Using Wood in your kitchen remodel will keep you on trend in 2020 and years to come.

Although you may be envisioning a crisp white look for your space, earthy tones are starting to really take over. Incorporating earthy and natural tones in your home can create a calm and tranquil feel and who doesn’t love that feeling? The beautiful part about earthy tones is that you are able mix them with other natural tones, including white, if you do want more white incorporated as well. Many of our recent home designs, have included earthy and natural tones and look absolutely beautiful. Our Home Designers really anticipate these earthy, natural tones and colors to have a strong presence in 2020 and future years to come.

Creating a Unique Look for Your Home Remodel Using Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in 2020 is on design trend for home remodels

Do you want to put your own touch on your house to make it unique? Wallpaper is a great way to do so. Wallpaper is so unique because there are so many different patterns and styles to choose from. Whether you want a more contemporary look or a more traditional look, wallpaper has all of those options. Although many people like to stick to the norm, there are so many different applications to choose from when working with wallpaper.

If your feeling adventurous, you don’t just have to stick with normal wallpaper, you can choose regular paint and wallpaper the ceiling instead. Whether you choose a subtle or bold wallpaper, either look is elegant in their own ways.  Although, if you are feeling adventurous enough, there are endless possibilities to the way you can wallpaper a room.

Free Standing Tub Movement in Bathroom Remodeling

Do you agree that the space around a bath tub is usually just wasted space? If so, free standing tubs are a great way to fix this. Our bathroom renovation experts believe that free standing tubs give your bathroom a sleek, clean look while avoiding wasted space. Along with the sleek look that free standing tubs give off, they are very thin which makes stepping in and out of them very appealing to many people, especially when considering aging in place.

Not only does a free standing tub look beautiful, it is beautiful in the sense that you are able to install them in many more areas of your bathroom, compared to a built in tub. More times than not, built in tubs need walls surrounding it, while a free standing tub typically does not need any surrounding walls.

Unique Flooring

Eco-Friendly Remodeling

If you want to create a sense of dimension throughout a room but don’t know how to, flooring is a great option to consider. Adding a unique type of flooring to any room can change the whole appearance and appeal of the space. Adding flooring that has color definition and or texture can add a dramatic variation throughout a room. Oftentimes people are afraid to create dimension throughout a room because they feel like it might be too busy, but if you incorporate the correct colors, it creates a beautiful unique space, with a touch of your own. Our Sea Pointe Design & Remodel designers have created stunning bathroom designs that have include unique flooring.

If you are looking to stick with a more basic material, such as wood, you can make it unique by placing it in a distinctive pattern. You don’t have to use crazy colors or materials, you can create that look simply by installing the flooring in a unique pattern.

Our Professional Home Designers Love Good Lighting

Kitchen lighting design trends in 2020

Something you may think about after a room is designed, lighting is usually thought out during the design process. The three most known types of lighting are known as ambient/general lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Many Designers believe that you should have more than one source of light in a room, because it has the ability to change the whole look of the room.

Although there are three general types of lighting, there are many other possibilities as well, especially when designing a kitchen. A few different types of kitchen lighting are decorative lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, cabinet lighting, spotlights, etc. Many kitchen designers would agree that finding a happy medium is important when considering types of lighting, because it is easy to overload.

Be sure to consider what is on trend for looking at design ideas you may like.  But remember at the end of the day, this is your home remodeling project and you should select the materials and design features that make you and your family happy.  When you start to plan your remodel and are reviewing home remodeling companies, be sure to include Sea Pointe in your line up as you’ll find our quality, service, and design have earned high accolades.  We take the unexpected out of construction and save surprises for your beautiful  home remodeling reveal.



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