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These days, working from home is more commonplace than ever. Some people were fortunate to already have a home office set up before the arrival of the coronavirus and shelter in place restrictions. Others are finding themselves in a new world, navigating the challenges of working remotely without the perfect office space.


Whether you’re new to the work from home realm, or a seasoned pro, it’s important to consider the space in which you work. Even if you only work from home in a part-time capacity, having the right space organized and laid out properly can have a serious impact on your mood, effectiveness, and productivity.


Let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing or designing your home office.


1.  Home office location

Think of this as choosing prime real estate. Location matters and the type of work you do helps determine which location is best. If you spend your remote work time doing conference calls and video meetings, you’ll want a space that’s removed from the rest of the household commotion or potential distractions. On the other hand, if your work from home involves meeting with clients, an office on the first floor near an entrance works best.


2.  Style and function

Home Office Design

Even though it’s meant for work, your home office doesn’t have to be mismatched with the rest of your house. If your style is country living, for example, a stark modern office will feel out of place. Instead, choose colors, furniture, and accessories that complement the other rooms in your home and still provide the function you want and need.


3.  Comfortable and purposeful furniture

Whether you spend two hours a day in your home office or eight, having comfortable and ergonomically friendly furniture will improve your mood and productivity.


4.  Thoughtful colors

The color scheme of your home office should add to, not detract from, your mood and the type of work you do. For example, if you’re a creative writer, softer, more relaxing colors may work better for keeping your creative juices flowing. On the other hand, if your work is high energy, brighter, more vibrant colors can help keep you energized throughout the day.


5.  Find the right view

You may not have a home that looks out over the beach or a mountain vista, but find a room or space that does have a view that inspires you. This will make your office more enjoyable to work in. If you simply don’t have a view, or the room with the view isn’t available for your office, create your own with wall décor.


6.  Accessorize to match your personality

The great thing about a home office is that it’s your You don’t have a company or your boss dictating how it should look. Use this to your advantage by choosing accessories, furniture, and colors that define and complement your personal style.


7.  Choose your organization wisely

Home Office Design

A well-organized home office will not only look more professional for those video meetings you have, it will also improve your productivity. Get creative with organization strategies – these can include vertical and horizontal storage, shelves, built-ins, cabinets, etc.


8.  Technology tips

The right technology can make or break your work from home experience. Choose your phone, computer, printer, and other technology carefully based on what you want and need to get the job done. Then, arrange it in a way that promotes easy workflow. Finally, keep it all neat by hiding or organizing unsightly cords.


9.  Lots of light

A bright, cheery office will keep you inspired and reduce eye strain and the chance for headaches. If natural light from a window isn’t available in your space, choose the right fixtures and bulbs to provide the light you need.


10.  Inspiration

Working for hours in any office can be tiresome. What will keep you inspired and cause you to put in the hours you need? Maybe it’s photographs of your family, or a favorite painting on the wall. You get to choose and even change it out from time to time.


Do you need help designing a home office space? Our designers have years of experience helping people just like you, and our design/build remodeling team can make your perfect design become a reality. Call (949) 861-3400 now to get your design consultation started!

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