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Kemper-cabinets-Maple-wood-Finish-Maritime-with-chrome-hardware Kemper-cabinets-Maple-wood-Finish-Maritime-with-chrome-hardware
vintage-rounded-rectangular-mirrors-in-chrome-backsplash-in textured-wallpaper-color-Surreal vintage-rounded-rectangular-mirrors-in-chrome-backsplash-in textured-wallpaper-color-Surreal
Silestone-polished-Quartz-countertop-in-Ethereal-Dusk Silestone-polished-Quartz-countertop-in-Ethereal-Dusk
kohler-undermount-sinks-with-Brizo-Litze-widespread-faucets-in-Luxe-Gold kohler-undermount-sinks-with-Brizo-Litze-widespread-faucets-in-Luxe-Gold
Kiel-small-LED-wall-vanity-bath-light-satin-brass Kiel-small-LED-wall-vanity-bath-light-satin-brass
50-sq-ft-hall-bath-remodel-in-newport-beach 50-sq-ft-hall-bath-remodel-in-newport-beach
Emser-Marble-6inch-Hex-flooring-in-Blue-Oak-Marble Emser-Marble-6inch-Hex-flooring-in-Blue-Oak-Marble
powder-bath-remodel-in-newport-beach powder-bath-remodel-in-newport-beach
kohler-2-piece-toilet-moen-brushed-gold-2-handle-faucet-towel-bar-TP-holder kohler-2-piece-toilet-moen-brushed-gold-2-handle-faucet-towel-bar-TP-holder
Pottery-Barn-slim-profile-rounded-edge-mirror-in-brass Pottery-Barn-slim-profile-rounded-edge-mirror-in-brass
PB-Clarence-Apothecary-26-inch-single-sink-vanity-in-tumbled-brass PB-Clarence-Apothecary-26-inch-single-sink-vanity-in-tumbled-brass
Studs-and-stripes-handcrafted-textured-wallpaper-vertical-brass-on-granite-linen Studs-and-stripes-handcrafted-textured-wallpaper-vertical-brass-on-granite-linen

Sophisticated Newport Beach Guest Bathroom Remodels

Elevated Hall Bath Remodel

This hall bath remodel in Newport Beach, California is a stunning example of how to elevate your bathroom design. The luxurious details throughout the space, from the flooring to the fixtures, create a spa-like atmosphere.

The floor features Emser ‘Blue Oak Marble’ flooring in a hex pattern tile. This geometric pattern adds a touch of visual interest to the space, while the blue and gray tones of the marble create a sophisticated look. The walls are adorned with textured wallpaper in a color called ‘Surreal’. This wallpaper adds both pattern and dimension to the space, and its light color helps to balance out the darker tones of the floor and cabinetry.

The vanity area is particularly striking. The vanity itself is a Kemper cabinet in a Maritime finish with chrome hardware. This deep blue finish adds a touch of nautical flair to the space, and the chrome hardware provides a polished look. The countertop is made of Silestone polished quartz in ‘Ethereal Dusk’. This material is both durable and stylish, and its light color helps to brighten the space. The vanity features two undermount sinks with Brizo Litze widespread faucets in ‘Luxe Gold’. These faucets add a touch of luxury to the space, and their gold finish complements the chrome hardware and the warm tones of the vanity.

Above the vanity, a vintage rectangular mirror with rounded edges hangs in chrome. This mirror reflects the light from the Kiel small LED wall vanity bath light in ‘Satin Brass’, which is located above the mirror. This combination of lighting fixtures provides both task lighting and ambient lighting, making the space both functional and stylish.

Overall, this hall bath remodel is a successful example of how to create a luxurious and spa-like bathroom. The use of high-quality materials, stylish fixtures, and thoughtful lighting creates a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Luxurious Modern Powder Room Remodel

The recently remodeled powder room also stuns with a unique twist on luxury. Handcrafted wallpaper, aptly named Studs and Stripes, features vertical brass dots dancing on a textured granite linen background. It’s a touch that’s both playful and sophisticated.

The centerpiece is a luxurious Clarence Apothecary 26″ single-sink vanity in a tumbled brass finish paired flawlessly with a natural white marble top sink. The Moen, brushed gold fixtures, including a two-handle faucet, towel bar, and toilet paper holder, add a touch of functional elegance. A Pottery Barn mirror with a slim profile and brass frame ties the warm tones together sitting above the open storage vanity.

Finally, the rich Curacao hardwood flooring grounds the space, infusing it with warmth and a timeless beauty. This luxurious and functional powder room is a testament to meticulous design and timeless appeal.

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