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Structural-kitchen-remodel-in-san-clemente Structural-kitchen-remodel-in-san-clemente
Permieter-raised-island-and-baking-areas-Silestone-quartz-countertops-in-Charcoal-Soapstone-with-a-suede-finish Permieter-raised-island-and-baking-areas-Silestone-quartz-countertops-in-Charcoal-Soapstone-with-a-suede-finish
hood-in-Maritime-with-natural-wood-trim hood-in-Maritime-with-natural-wood-trim
rangetop-backsplash-by-Elysium-series-Newport-color-Arrow-Beach-vertical-pattern rangetop-backsplash-by-Elysium-series-Newport-color-Arrow-Beach-vertical-pattern
perimeter-cabinets-Kemper-in-Coconut-finish perimeter-cabinets-Kemper-in-Coconut-finish
island-and-dining-room-Vadara-polished-quartz-countertops-in-Amara-Grey island-and-dining-room-Vadara-polished-quartz-countertops-in-Amara-Grey
natural-wood-floating-shelves-farmhouse-sink-microwave-drawer-polished-nickel-pulls natural-wood-floating-shelves-farmhouse-sink-microwave-drawer-polished-nickel-pulls
Kemper-cabinets-in-Maritime-finish Kemper-cabinets-in-Maritime-finish
single-wall-oven-with-french-doors-and-designated-drawer-below-to-hold-hot-pots single-wall-oven-with-french-doors-and-designated-drawer-below-to-hold-hot-pots
Emser-glazed-ceramic-tile-backsplash-Niagra-Series-in-glossy-white-horzontal-pattern Emser-glazed-ceramic-tile-backsplash-Niagra-Series-in-glossy-white-horzontal-pattern
dedicated-stand-mixer-cupboard-in-custom-built-in-desk-with-wheelchair-access dedicated-stand-mixer-cupboard-in-custom-built-in-desk-with-wheelchair-access
metal-and-natural-wood-kitchen-pendants-in-black-over-large-kitchen-island metal-and-natural-wood-kitchen-pendants-in-black-over-large-kitchen-island
widened-walk-ways-lowered-counters-ADA-compliant widened-walk-ways-lowered-counters-ADA-compliant
DAL-Tile-proseries-luxury-vinyl-plank-flooring-in-Whitelock DAL-Tile-proseries-luxury-vinyl-plank-flooring-in-Whitelock
Hearth-Silestone-quartz-Charcoal-Soapstone-surround-DalTile-Whimsy-Mesmerist-hex-backing--natural-wood-hand-hewn-box-mantle Hearth-Silestone-quartz-Charcoal-Soapstone-surround-DalTile-Whimsy-Mesmerist-hex-backing--natural-wood-hand-hewn-box-mantle

Accessible Elegance: Enhancing Kitchen Functionality in San Clemente

Embarking on a kitchen remodel often involves not just aesthetic upgrades but also functional improvements. This structural kitchen remodel in San Clemente demonstrates that beauty and Universal Design can seamlessly coexist, blending modern and coastal elements with ADA-compliant features. The result is a kitchen that is not only visually stunning but also fully accessible for all users.

Design Elements

The perimeter and raised island feature dedicated baking areas, all topped with Silestone quartz countertops in a dramatic Charcoal Soapstone with a suede finish. This durable and elegant surface is beautifully contrasted by the Maritime-hued hood featuring a natural wood trim. The backsplash over the cooktop range makes a bold statement with vertical tiles from Elysium in their Arrow Beach-Newport series. The combination of these elements adds a touch of nautical charm while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

The lower island counter and adjoining dining area offer a lighter ambiance with Vadara polished quartz countertops in Amara Grey. The Kemper cabinets on the island continue the Maritime theme, complemented by polished nickel pulls for a cohesive look. The Emser glossy white glazed ceramic tile backsplash in a horizontal pattern adds a sleek and clean finish to the walls. Natural wood floating shelves, a farmhouse sink, and a microwave drawer enhance the kitchen’s style and convenience. While black metallic and natural wood kitchen pendants hang stylishly over the large kitchen island, tying the space together.

Accessibility Features

Ensuring ease of movement was paramount in this remodel, and including thoughtful details helped elevate this kitchen to a whole new level. The Kemper perimeter cabinets, in a Coconut finish with flat-black pulls, boast ADA-compliant features and accessibility. A dedicated stand mixer cupboard within a custom-built-in desk allows for easy wheelchair access. A single-wall oven with French doors boasts a designated drawer below specifically designed to hold hot pots, a welcome feature for cooks of all abilities. The focus on inclusivity also extends to the widened walkways and lowered counters throughout the kitchen, making it both beautiful and accessible.

Flooring and Fireplace

The remodeled fireplace also features a blend of sophisticated materials and natural elements, creating a harmonious balance between modern elegance and rustic charm. The hearth is crafted from heat-resistant Silestone quartz in Charcoal Soapstone, offering a sleek and durable surface. The surround is adorned with Whimsy Mesmerist tiles by Dal Tile, featuring a hexagonal pattern. Horizontally stacked ledger travertine in Ridge Rock frames the fireplace, bringing texture and warmth to the design. A natural wood hand-hewn box mantle crowns the fireplace, adding a rustic, artisanal touch.

The whole house also had its flooring updated to feature DAL Tile pro series luxury vinyl plank in Whitelock, providing a durable and easy-to-clean surface.


This structural kitchen remodel integrates modern and coastal design elements to create a sleek, airy, and functional kitchen space. By combining modern and coastal design elements with ADA adjustments, this kitchen remodel creates a space that is not only visually stunning but also Universally accessible for all users.

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