Cozy Work-From-Home Office Remodel in Lake Forest

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s that a work-from-home office isn’t just a luxury – sometimes it’s an absolute necessity! But, a home office doesn’t have to be a boring, tiny cubicle like you might find in your commercial work environment. Instead, it can be a beautiful, stylish part of your home that looks and feels luxurious or comfortable.

This Lake Forest home office remodel is a perfect example of what a stylish work-from-home office can look like. With approximately 260 square feet of space, this room certainly isn’t lacking in size. Having a larger footprint allows for some additional features that might not be found in every home office. For instance, how about the large sitting area that looks toward the window? There’s no feeling cooped up here, and the addition of a seating area makes for a cozy but useful space for creative work or simply taking a break from it all.

Speaking of cozy, one design element that significantly contributes to this feel is the fireplace insert in the corner. But this fireplace isn’t just here for warmth – it provides a design statement as well with a beautiful surround of Dal porcelain tile in a mosaic pattern.

Now for the workspace itself … Custom built-in KitchenCraft cabinets, open shelving, and KitchenCraft wood countertops provide the desk work area as well as storage space. A combination of open and closed storage keeps the area neat and tidy while also offering a place to store office essentials that can be easily accessed.

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