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The importance of Project Planning When Remodeling

The importance of Project Planning When Remodeling


Sea Pointe ConstructionProject Planning for home remodel believes that attention to details and meticulous planning are essential to a successful design and residential remodel. Accounting for specific construction logistics before starting a project is something the Sea Pointe Construction team prides ourselves on. This extra effort is also what keeps a project on schedule and within budget. The same careful planning and consideration applies to homeowners thinking about a residential remodel. We find that prioritizing a remodel according to the following factors help homeowners though decisions that affect cost, lead time and aesthetic.

Needs vs. Wants

First, we advise homeowners to call out those areas of the home where they would like to see the most change versus those spaces that can do without a major modification. In other words, what spaces are fine with a “remove and replace” style remodel, and what spaces need a reworked space plan? Itemizing your remodel in such a way will help to keep you focused on results. It is easy to get caught up in all the “pretty & fun” elements of home remodeling, but a prioritized list will help to keep a project’s scope of work realistic.


Everyone craves instant gratification but before ripping out your kitchen, be sure you have all plans and materials for your kitchen remodel ready to go! This is especially important when working with specialty design materials which may have longer lead times, such as tile or cabinets. Sea Pointe Construction schedules demolition days in accordance with material delivery dates.  Not planning accordingly will lead to unnecessary stress and an unexpectedly long project. Although you may be eager to get the job done in record time, do not start until all your ducks are in a row.


The Sea Pointe Construction design team understands that clients are eager to jump into the design phase. After all, material selection and color renderings are arguably the most exciting part of any home remodel. However; before spending time with your designer in our showroom, we advise clients to research design styles and elements on websites such as Houzz and Pinterest. Being prepared with a broad design aesthetic helps your designer to understand your style. This can save time during design, moving your construction start date up on the calendar.

Summertime Home Design Trends

Summertime Home Design Trends

While you’re gearing up for the summer BBQ’s and backyard picnics ahead, here are some of the home trends you can incorporate into your preparations.

Wall Details

Adding design elements to a large, open wall in the home can take your entertainment space over the top. Certain tiles and reclaimed wood accents are such a nice, fresh touch. Incorporating breathable and renewable materials, will draw the eye, bring light into the space and scream summer!

Green & Natural Color Schemes

It may sound crazy, but green is in! Adding a beautifully detailed green piece to a space of the home that may be lacking color, will bring visual interest and create excitement for the eye. Green is the color of renewal and is perfect for a space that needs livening up!

Small Spaces

Small space designing always seem to send homeowners into a tailspin. These awkward, and seemingly unusable spaces, can actually add value to your overall home design. This is not to say that you must overcrowd the area with furniture or pieces that may not fit the room. Remember to account for the natural flow of the room and maybe you’ll find that your small space is calling out for a bar-cart.

How to Choose the Best Countertop Material

How to Choose the Best Countertop Material

When you’re choosing material for new countertops in your kitchen or bath, you may not know exactly where to start to find the best choice. Since countertops are a significant design element and a frequently used surface, you’ll want to choose well. The good news is that there are many types of materials, each with varying looks and characteristics, to fit a variety of tastes and budgets.

How to Choose the Best Countertop Material | Sea Pointe Construction

The main factors you should consider are durability (is the material tough enough to stand up to the type of use it will see?), look (does the material fit with the overall design aesthetic of the room?), and cost (is it within budget, and does it fit with the overall quality of the rest of the construction or remodel?). With that in mind, you can better evaluate some of the more popular countertop options for your specific needs.

Granite: This natural stone is a popular choice in kitchens and baths for many reasons. You can find it in a huge assortment of colors and patterns, and it holds up well against heat, splashes, and nicks. It can be found in polished or matte finishes. Because you can obtain large slabs, a countertop can be fabricated with few or no seams. To avoid staining, though, you’ll want to wipe up spills (especially of oils or acidic liquids) quickly and make sure to have the countertop sealed periodically.

Marble: Marble has a high-end, classic look. However, it is not quite as durable as granite. Marble is porous, and thus more susceptible to staining. It can also be scratched or chipped. It is not often used as the primary countertop surface in kitchens for those reasons.

Solid surface: Made of acrylic and polyester, solid surface countertops are completely nonporous, which eliminates the need for sealing or special cleaners. These can be fabricated entirely without seams, and even with integrated sinks out of the same material. While solid surface countertops can be scratched or burned, marks can be sanded out of the surface. The look of this material is completely different from natural stone, but the cost is fairly similar.

Engineered Quartz: Engineered quartz combines a natural stone look with the easy maintenance of solid surface counters. It is made out of colored quartz chips and resin, so it can be manufactured in hues you wouldn’t be able to find in natural stone. Like solid surface counters, it can be made without seams, and it doesn’t need to be sealed. Its regular patterning (as opposed to the random patterns seen in natural stone) may give away the fact that it is a manufactured product, though, and it tends to be on the pricey side.

Laminate: As one of the most reasonably priced countertop options, laminate (think Formica) has been a popular choice for countertops for years. Made out of paper impregnated with resins over a particleboard core, laminate is remarkably durable and easy to clean. There are hundreds of different patterns to choose from. You do have to be careful not to scorch it, however, and it can be susceptible damage if water seeps in through the seams.

There are many more options to choose from, but the general principles remain the same. The best countertop choice for your kitchen or bath will be not only functional but also beautiful, giving you years of enjoyment. Contact the experts at Sea Pointe Construction today for help in finding the perfect solution.

How to Prepare for a Home Remodel

How to Prepare for a Home Remodel

When you’re planning your home remodeling project, don’t forget to put some thought into how construction is going to affect your daily life, the rest of your home, and your nearby neighbors. Thinking ahead can help minimize disruptions, protect your furniture and belongings from harm, and keep the peace in your neighborhood.

How to Prepare for Home Remodeling | Sea Pointe Construction
Whether or not you can stay in your home during a remodel depends largely on the scope of work. If it will affect more than half of your home, will involve removing the roof or otherwise opening your house up so much that it can’t be heated or cooled properly, or take both the kitchen and the bathrooms out of commission at the same time, you should strongly consider moving out for the duration of the project. Your personal circumstances may also determine if moving out is the right choice. If you have young children or pets who can’t handle loud noises and strangers coming in and out constantly, or if you work from home and need peace and quiet to conduct business, staying put might not be a realistic option. Be sure you factor your relocation costs into your total remodeling budget.

If you do decide to stay during the remodel, consider what daily tasks will be affected by the construction and make contingency plans for how you will handle them. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen, you will need to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your house, and you may want to budget for more frequent eating out. You will also want to discuss working hours with your contractor so you know exactly when workers will be on the premises, so you can anticipate when your family will have privacy—and when they won’t.

Construction inevitably generates a lot of dirt and dust. All of your belongings should be removed from the area to be remodeled, and the area itself should be isolated from the rest of your house with plastic sheeting to prevent dust from spreading. If your contractors will need to walk through your house to access the area to be remodeled, rather than being able to enter it directly from the outside, the path they take should be covered with runners to prevent carpets or wood floors from becoming dirty and worn. Discuss your contractor’s cleaning plans; daily cleanups will help keep the site and the rest of your house neat.

It is always good form to notify your nearest neighbors when you are planning remodeling work. Make sure your contractors adhere to local guidelines concerning what times of day and days of the week they can work; even the most understanding neighbor will quickly grow tired of hearing the sound of pneumatic nail guns at the crack of dawn. You may also want to give your neighbors an additional heads up before days you expect to be particularly noisy or disruptive—say, if the contractors will be breaking up a concrete slab in your back yard with jackhammers. Good communication with your neighbors can help keep everyone happy.

A remodel can be stressful, but putting thought into the big picture will help reduce that stress. Having a living situation you can cope with, the mess under control, and your neighbors happy will help you enjoy the process of improving your home as well as the finished product.

How To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

While we tend to focus much of our energy on remodeling indoors, we shouldn’t let that be the reason our backyard faces neglect. Countless landscape and remodeling options may seem intimidating at first, but passing up on your space’s potential is forgoing an investment in relaxation. Even thinking about your dream backyard can serve as a jumping off point to creating your ideal outdoor space.

Keeping in mind a few tips and focus areas in your backyard can make all the difference in the appeal of your space. Whether you are aiming for an extension of the wilderness or a resort-like retreat, your backyard is customizable to achieving that perfect escape from four walls.


Exercise your Green Thumb

Plants have the ability to enhance the nature your home already has. Trees can cater to the lush, natural space of your yard while providing shade to a home vulnerable to direct sunlight. This energy efficient alternative has the benefit of a natural filtering process, as trees release moisture in the air. Get some color with year-round plants like Hibiscus flowers, which add a tropical feel with a constant bloom. Low-maintenance options like Daylilies thrive in a variety of climates and won’t leave plant deposits in your pool. Larger plants add natural fencing that garner privacy from neighbors and hide unsightly fencing that borders the lawn.

Introduce an Outdoor Kitchen

Make the most of your new oasis by sharing the fun! Bring all of the entertaining outside with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. This extended living space is ideal for social gatherings on warm nights and keeps the cooking odors outdoors. Utilizing the proper materials for your space will ensure cabinets are durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and sealed to keep out pests. Make your space functional with a layout that accommodates meal preparation, cooking, and socializing, so you’ll never miss a beat when hosting. With built-in appliances and storage, this space will connect style and convenience, both increasing the value of your home.

Bring the Heat with a Fire Pit

Warmth, light and ambience are just a few of the attractive features heightened through the addition of a fire pit. Used as either a focal point or accent to your outdoor design, fire pits offer customizable options to fit any space. Gas fire pits bring a natural option that is easily lit with a key or switch, while propane eliminates the use of a gas line. Fire bowls present a middle-ground between portable and built-in pits that lends itself to personalization of color, size and shape. Fire tables can be lined with stone and counter space for a design that functions to entertain. Regardless of your fire pit preference, extra seating invites everyone to grab a marshmallow for toasting on those warm summer nights.

The design and aesthetics of your outdoor space has the power to transform any home exterior into your dream location. Creating your outdoor oasis can be feasible and unique with the selection of materials and architecture. Utilizing functional and decorative additions provides both the ideal place to host a social gathering or escape for a moment of relaxation.

For further questions about customizing your outdoor living space, contact Sea Pointe Construction at 949-861-3400 for a free in-home consultation.