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Kitchen Remodeling Costs: Budget Breakdown

Kitchen Remodeling Costs: Budget Breakdown

Cost of Kitchen RemodelOne of the first questions we get from homeowners here at Sea Pointe is – “How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

Home remodeling is similar to purchasing a car—with so many options available, prices can range drastically. Although this is a very difficult question to answer briefly, we will try to help you understand some general pricing guidelines when considering a kitchen remodel in Orange County.

Based on Sea Pointe Construction’s more than 30 years of remodeling experience, we’ve listed below the three greatest drivers in kitchen remodeling costs.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets and installation can account for 40 to 50 percent of kitchen remodeling costs. When it comes to cabinetry, simply put, you get what you pay for. Outlined below are the key considerations associated with your three major options.

Refinishing Existing Cabinets:

  • Least expensive option
  • Involves lightly sanding and or stripping the old cabinetry finish and applying new stain or paint
  • No upgrade/alterations to cabinet quality and functionality
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen, costs fall between $2,500 to $25,000

Refacing Existing Cabinets:

  • Involves adding a very thin veneer to the outside of the existing cabinets and installing new doors and moldings
  • No upgrade/alterations to cabinet quality and functionality
  • Depending on the amount of cabinetry, costs fall between $15,000 to $35,000

Semi Custom or Custom Cabinetry:

  • Wide range of quality & finish options
  • Unlimited size modifications, maximizing storage and functionality
  • Freedom to mix/match wood species, finish stain or pain, door style and grazes.
  • Wide range of storage inserts and accessories
  • Each design decision will affect cost, but this option typically starts at $30,000.

Countertop Material

Countertops are another large ticket item that is typically surprising to most homeowners. The amount of counter space you have in your kitchen will affect how many pieces of slab materials you will need and the labor needed to fabricate the material. The cost of countertop slab materials such as quartz or natural granite can also have quite the range in pricing based on the design, quality, accessibility and where it was mined from.

Removing Structural Walls

Removing a structural wall is absolutely not an “as seen on TV” process. Structural engineering can also become necessary if you are relocating or adding a window or door in a new location. When incorporating a structural aspect to your project the cost for construction plans required by the building departments will increase as will the construction costs mostly in foundation and framing. These costs depend on the structure of your existing home and how small or large your project is. Plan on these costs starting at $10,000 to your remodel budget to include the additional construction documents, foundation and framing work needed.

Relocating Appliances and Plumbing

The space plan and layout of your kitchen also plays a large factor into the cost of a remodel. Relocating plumbing and electrical to accommodate a new kitchen appliance or sink layout can be labor intensive. Starting in the 1990s, most Orange County homes were built with a post-tension slab foundation. We proactively x-ray the slab to avoid any issues and then precisely trench concrete in preparation for the new plumbing or appliance relocation. For homes built on a raised foundation, the process is much less intensive and can keep some money in your pocket.

As a design/build company, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design with them and make suggestions that give them their dream kitchen while making them feel comfortable with the investment they are making in their home.



Remodeling can be a big and costly step, how do you know if you’re hiring the right contractor?

In these days of terrorism, confusion and mistrust even daily decisions require extra thought. All of us want to make decisions that we know are right, especially when we are spending our hard-earned money! We all feel better when a friend or relative gives us a referral to a specific trades person or company that has done work for them with excellent results. It helps relieve the stressful pressures associated with making a wrong or poor decision. When hiring a contractor an informed decision is always the best. All legal contractors should be listed with the Contractors Licensing Boar which holds the contractor liable for work they perform. The contractor needs to be covered with Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance which protects the homeowner in the event of an injury occurring on their property. Finally, check references to assure the performance & quality of the work completed.

Here at Sea Pointe, approximately 65% of our entire business is based on personal referrals from past clientele, most of whom are happy to show off their new kitchen and bath to our prospective clients! Our clients are particularly happy with our project management. It is comforting to have one person in charge of coordinating the project, scheduling the work, & answering questions.

Of all the jobs we have sold this year, over 30% were sold directly to our previous customers! That says a lot for our company and our hard working dedicated staff! We are so happy when you refer us to your friends and relatives! If your referrals decide to use Sea Pointe for their new remodel, we would like to show our appreciation and say ˜Thank You’ by sending you out to dinner on us! Just tell your referral to mention your name.

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