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The homeowners of this post-war ranch style home in Tustin, with Sea Pointe designer Linda Pick, made several changes to the once cramped and dingy kitchen in anticipation of a growing family.

The existing sink window was enlarged and a window seat bump-out created to allow family and friends to relax and linger in the new kitchen. Doorways were moved to create a better traffic flow while existing soffits were ripped out to accommodate wall cabinets of differing heights and a coordinating over-sink valance. This added interest plus storage and display opportunities. The re-worked kitchen features three super storage base corner units, a new wall of pantry and appliances (oven, microwave and warming drawer), and a radiused counter for casual meals or to converse with the cook while staying out of his or her way.

The clients knew they wanted bronze craftsman style hardware on cabinetry and were thrilled when Linda recommended a Delta Victorian kitchen faucet in a Venetian Bronze finish as the perfect compliment to their desired aesthetic. The homeowners love their new kitchen and were blessed with a new baby girl shortly after the project was finished.

How to Choose a Bathroom Shower Design

How to Choose a Bathroom Shower Design

The shower is one of the largest elements in your bathroom, so its design deserves some careful thought. You want a shower that both reflects your personal style and complements the overall bathroom design. Fortunately, there are many design options that can make your shower a beautiful feature instead of merely a convenient spot to get clean.

How to Choose a Bathroom Shower Design | Sea Pointe Construction

Whether your shower will be large or small, consider using a frameless glass shower enclosure. This flexible choice not only accommodates various sizes and shapes of showers, but its understated elegance also goes well with both traditional and modern styles. The glass not only allows plenty of light into the shower, it also makes your bathroom feel larger by eliminating the cut-off feeling of a solid wall. If completely clear glass feels like too much exposure, you can also opt for half-height walls with glass above or obscured or textured glass to lend privacy while still allowing plenty of light into the shower. In a larger bathroom, you may prefer to achieve a similar feel by having an open shower enclosure.

Your choice of material for the shower surround can also profoundly influence the feel of your bathroom. Options include tile (the most common choice), natural stone, glass tile, or manufactured stone, among others. Think of the style and feel you are trying to achieve when you pick these materials. For a more traditional look, you may choose a tile surround with an ornamental border, both in neutral colors. More modern designs may use stone or both stone and tile. Natural stone can also lend a spa-like feel to your shower.

Your decisions don’t end with how your shower looks. Today’s showerheads offer many alternatives to customize your shower to your exact preferences. Whether you prefer multiple showerheads, a rain shower, body sprays, or a hand-held showerhead, you will have many options to choose from, including valves that maintain a constant water temperature and pressure. Even if you live in an area with strict water use regulations, you can select from showerheads that mix air with water to achieve a luxurious-feeling spray while adhering to flow rate guidelines to get the exact shower experience you desire.

There are also new drain options available, such linear drains, which have a narrow profile along one wall instead of a grate in the middle of the floor. Even traditional drains come in a variety of finishes and patterns that coordinate beautifully with the rest of your bathroom design.

If you want to create a beautiful, functional shower that enhances your bathroom, contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction. They can help you bring all of the elements together for a perfect fit.