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How to Design Small Spaces with Huge Impact

How to Design Small Spaces with Huge Impact


Design for Small SpacesWhen it comes to residential remodeling, homeowners tend to prioritize kitchens, living spaces and master suites above their homes smaller or secondary spaces. Seeing as the larger spaces are the most frequented by family, friends and houseguests; this remodeling mindset is not unwarranted. On the same hand, dream kitchens should never come at the expense of powder bathroom design. The Sea Pointe Construction team believes that spaces, both big and small, deserve the same attention to detail. Straight from our industry experts, here are a few tips and tricks for adding that wow-factor to those overlooked and under-designed small spaces.


Powder bathroom designs can be tricky, we know. Larger spaces allow for multidimensional design, whereas a similar approach may feel overwhelming in a powder bathroom. While working with clients, Sea Pointe Construction design consultant Carolyn Hall shares “after guests admire your beautifully designed kitchen, blow them away with an equally excellent powder bathroom!” Rather than selecting a serious tile, Carolyn encourages homeowners to make a single daring and adventurous selection. Deco, Mediterranean or Malibu style tile statement walls, add both design interest and personality to the smallest of spaces. Even as a framing detail, an unexpected tile feature is exactly the pop of flair most powder bathrooms are lacking.


Traditionally tucked away in a drab, unfrequented area of the home, laundry rooms are in serious need of design attention. Best said by Sea Pointe Construction design consultant Georgia Clarke, “No one enjoys doing laundry, but there is no reason why that workspace can’t be a beautiful one!” Luckily for homeowners, laundry room updates don’t typically make a huge impact on budget. Incorporating custom cabinetry, for specific storage needs, keeps miscellaneous laundry items off surfaces, and adds a sense of organization. A countertop, however small, makes for a great folding or sorting station. Rounding out the room with a specialty design feature, such as a sliding barn door or a phenomenal backsplash, adds extra style.


Guest bathroom remodeling budgets are often compromised by a homeowner’s master bathroom focused excitement. What many clients don’t realize is that, unlike a master bathroom, most guest bathroom remodels call for minimal cabinetry, fewer tiles and less surface material. In other words, stylish guest bathroom remodels are much more manageable and attainable than they’re perceived to be! The Sea Pointe Construction design team starts with statement cabinetry for an eye catching vanity. Such a commanding design element builds character, without the need for expensive, luxury tile. In place of a shower curtain or pony wall, frameless shower doors create the illusion of space, and hugely impact the charm of small guest bathrooms. As a finishing touch, interesting plumbing fixtures further ignite the sense of professional design.

All in all, small spaces can add lively design and excitement to your home. Have fun, and explore attention-grabbing design materials before glazing over a seemingly secondary space.

Which Type of Storage is Right for You: Wall Cabinets or Open Shelves

Many of us like to think our methods of organization always work. But as our days become busier and our rooms face clutter, we often find ourselves searching for any extra space to house our belongings. A fix to this problem can be the installation of custom storage. Wall cabinets and open shelves are two popular options for freeing up the space in your room. Whether you are hoping to hide the mess from guests or eagerly show off your favorite displays, custom cabinetry or open shelving can be the ticket for managing all of your extra stuff.

As you consider the amount of protection and visual exposure you want for your custom storage, keep in mind a few of the other advantages when selecting which style is right for you:

Which Type of Storage is Right for You: Wall Cabinets or Open Shelves- Sea Pointe Construction

Wall Cabinets

An aesthetically pleasing and functional use of space can be found with the addition of wall cabinets. Take the opportunity to shield unattractive wires, bulky electronics, and excess items behind closed doors. For an added bonus, incorporate pull-out drawers to provide extra convenience for whatever you’re choosing to hide away. After you clean up the appearance of your newly organized room, compliment the design and customize the look of your cabinet with the selection of inset or overlay doors. To further personalize the cabinet’s structural features, consider the material options of solid wood, laminate, or natural veneers. If you’re not installing new cabinets, updating custom cabinetry is as easy as a quick coat of paint and new hardware.

Open Shelves

Open shelves invite a different way to store items. Whether you want to highlight eye-catching décor or showcase a holiday display, this type of custom storage can be useful all year-round. Open shelving is the perfect solution to providing easy access to possessions, while still keeping them safe and out of reach. Simple additions to the backsplash like bold paint color or patterned wallpaper can easily turn your custom storage into a focal point of the room. But don’t get too carried away with the new space, as limiting the amount of items in your display can help the room feel lighter and more open.

Having trouble deciding which option better fits your home? Get the best of both worlds by adding glass doors to your custom cabinetry. This trick still gives the appearance of open storage, but keeps the items safe behind closed doors. Whichever you choose, incorporating personal finishes and complimenting displays can accommodate the need for functionality and design in a completely custom addition to your room.

Are you ready to tackle the clutter? Let Sea Pointe give you an in-home consultation and show you how we can help your space reach its full potential.



Sea Pointe had another full house at last weekend’s Ultimate Remodeling Design Workshop in San Juan Capistrano. Design Consultant Charlie Mather entertained and educated a diverse audience of first-time homeowners, empty-nesters and couples looking for some inspiration and tips as they embark on home remodeling projects like kitchen renovations and freshening up bathrooms.

Bellmont Cabinetry attended the workshop to showcase a multitude of cabinet options including door styles, finishes and glazes. Eric Blair and Lisa Bright, Bellmont Cabinetry representatives, also introduced the cabinet maker’s new Satino drawer. The metal drawer was added to the cost-effective 1600 Series line to provide clients with a stylish, full-extension soft close drawer. The drawer is just another expertly executed contemporary push for cabinetry.

From the highest-level overview of design styles (have you heard of transitional?) down to the detail of selecting specific materials for countertops, or deciding on which level of cabinetry to invest in, the Sea Pointe team engaged the audience with examples and before-and-after photos from past clients’ homes.

The remodeling design workshop turned case studies of what not to do into advice, and a plan of action to successfully execute anything from a small bathroom remodel to remove-and-replace kitchen remodels, to a structural reimagining of a great room or full room addition in Orange County.


Are you tired of having your counter full of clutter? Here are some great storage ideas to consider when planning your new kitchen:

Pull-out base cabinet pantries serve well when tight space doesn’t allow a full pantry.

Utilizing a corner three-bin rotary recycling center allows you to toss your bulky recycling bins.

Tambour front cabinetry provides an attractive pull-down door to conceal countertop appliances or cooking supplies.

Banks of shallow pull-out trays store staples such as potatoes and onions as well as pots and pans.

Open shelving can become the perfect spot for out-of-the-way but still accessible cookbooks and decorative serving pieces.

Deep drawers incorporated into your base cabinetry can hold flour/grains/pasta with glass windows in the drawer fronts to allow easy identification of the contents.

Shallow roll-out drawers make for a modern day root cellar.


The trend to fewer wall cabinets and more furniture pieces in the kitchen has led to an increase in walk-in pantries with extensive storage features such as pull-outs, baskets and wine racks.

Consumers want better quality in their storage systems, with wood and chrome the predominant materials of choice for a mid- to high-end kitchen.

Pull-out twin waste baskets for recycling are increasingly a staple in today’s modem kitchen.

Base cabinets are increasingly replaced by large drawers for storing pots and pans as well as dishes, with drawer organization accomplished by large dowels, or with a two-tiered system that allows separate spaces for pots and lids-

Even kitchen staples such as the lazy susan have gotten an upgrade with such innovations as a segmented lazy susan whose segments maybe pulled out individually.

Computer stations are increasingly a kitchen staple, and designers are adding monitor lifts and keyboard trays as part of cabinet organization.

Kitchen and bath designers are increasingly getting involved in designing master bedroom suites, creating large, luxury closets with custom- finished cabinets in premium wood grains such as cherry and maple.

Some master bedroom closets become little rooms in themselves, with a chaise for reading, and a mini-breakfast bar that might include a coffeemaker and a mini-refrigerator for juice.

Laundry rooms also feature new innovations such as drying cabinets and fold-down ironing boards for greater convenience.