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Spring & Summer DIY

Spring and Summer DIY


With summer quickly approaching, don’t be quick to remove all spring decorations. The wonderful thing about both seasons is that they go hand in hand. Adding décor to the interior and exterior of your home can help change the mood and get ready for all the fun in the sun to come. Decorating doesn’t need to blow your budget, either. In fact, here are some fun and affordable DIYs to get your home spring and summer ready.

Sometimes, decorating the exterior of our home can be a daunting task, especially since it gives off the very first impression. Don’t worry—here are some simple ways to spruce up the outside for the upcoming seasons.

Portable Garden

If you want to get your hands dirty and love planting flowers, portable gardens are inexpensive and easy to make. They add color and liven up a front or backyard. All you need is small colorful containers to hang on a fence or windowsill and your plant of choice. After you’ve planted your flowers, hang them where you see fit and you’ve just created your new portable container garden!

Gerber Daisy Wreath

Oftentimes, front doors are plain, simple and boring. Hanging a wreath on your front door will add color and personality to many solid colors. But, wreaths aren’t just for the holidays! This DIY Gerber Daisy Wreath is adorable, perfect for summer, and easy to make.

What you will need:
Piece of cardboard (big enough for a wreath)
A bundle of fake Gerber Daisies, with leaves
Hot glue gun
Wire for hanging

Cut a ring, big enough for your door out of cardboard. After picking off the flowers from the stems, glue the daisies around the ring. Sometimes, there will be a few spots where the cardboard shows so either glue the leaves from the stems or smaller gerber daisies for a little extra. Hang with wire.
If Gerber Daisies aren’t your favorite, chose a flower that you prefer and repeat with the same directions above.

Tropical Potpourri

We all know not everyone lives in a tropical paradise. Instead of fantasizing about drinking smoothies on the beach, why not transform you your home into a tropical paradise with potpourri.

What you will need:
4 cups of Water
1 can of Pineapple Juice
1 ounce of Coconut Extract
1 saucepan
Put the water, pineapple juice, coconut extract into a saucepan and place on low burner. Close your eyes and pretend you are lying on the sand and listening to the waves crash onto the shore.

Colorful Mason Jars

Mason jars are decorative and have a wide variety of uses. Colorful mason jars on the other hand are great for spring/summer multipurpose decorations. Spray painting mason jars with colors such as pinks, blues, and yellows can make any boring room pop. Place them in your bathroom as a q-tip holder, in your kitchen for utensils, or on your coffee table as a vase.


Don’t allow decorating intimidate you. DIY project are fun, inexpensive, and simple.

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5 Tiny Homes You Have to See to Believe

Small, tiny houses


1. The Ravenlore

Nicki just moved into The Ravenlore, a colorful victorian-inspired tiny home with a lot of character. Measuring 22 ft long x 8 ft wide, the Ravenlore has the unique feature of solar power for sustainable living. Step inside, and you’ll be surprised at how much functionality is squeezed into this brightly lit painted lady.


2. The Music City Tiny House

The Music City Tiny House is one that has gained fame for being a state-of-the-art and modern tiny home with many common bells and whistles, packed into a 8ft wide x 24ft long x 13 ft high space. You can actually make this tiny house yours for a night if traveling to Nashville, as they’re listed on airbnb for $108/night!
Stay with a friend; with two lofts with queen sized beds, its spacious enough for having guests without getting in eachother’s hair.


3. Tiny House that Houses Family of Four

Can you imagine living in a tiny house with a family of four!? Us neither— until we saw the Merrifield’s 30ft long x 8 ft wide home. With a roomy kitchen and ample storage, and innovative walk in closet/bathroom hybrid, it’s got all the staples of a standard family home. Two enclosed lofts offer privacy for the kids and parents while keeping them connected with the rest of the house.



Did you ever think a king sized bed, flat screen TV, and a fire place could be squeezed inside a tiny home?! Not only does this miniature sized house have all these amenities for living comfortably, it has a functioning kitchen. The tiny non-toxic sustainably built home is fully equipped with all the necessities you need for living in the wilderness.


5. EarthSong Eco-Village Tiny Home

EarthSong Eco-Village contains one of New Zealand’s first Tiny Homes. The beautifully crafted home is made up of cork flooring and pine walls. Most of the furniture compacted in this small space is multifunctional providing an abundant amount of storage space. The cozy interior design will make you forget you are touring a tiny home.


Tiny houses are environmentally friendly and are a great option if you are looking to downsize tremendously. Whether you design your own space or rent one for a mini vacation, the tiny living movement is spreading, allowing you to live almost anywhere!

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Tips for Maximizing a Small Room

Compact space in your home may make you feel enclosed and claustrophobic, lending to smaller rooms not being utilized for daily use. Maximizing a small room may seem impossible and intimidating when you first look at the task. Whether you want to start utilizing a spare room, or you’re feeling cramped in a tiny master bedroom, there are ways to transform a tight area into what seems large and spacious.

modern interior design (private apartment 3d rendering)

Here are a few techniques to maximize a small room.

Trick Your Eyes!

Pick your colors wisely; choose from mid-toned colors—like ones you’d find in the middle of a paint strip. It is often preferred to give the walls a makeover with a neutral shade to add to the ambience of the room. Not only will it seem tasteful, larger, and more airy, but neutral colors match with any decorative style. The ceilings should remain white to help create the illusion that your room is open and bright.

Hang long curtains in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office to make the ceiling appear higher. If you want a more classic and clean look, tailor your curtains so they hover half an inch off the floor. To have a more exaggerated decor, leave about six inches of fabric to siting on the floor.

Choose mirrors as a decorative touch to create depth. Granted, the style of the mirror should match the rest of your décor. You can add multiple mirrors to create creative wall décor, as well. If you don’t have the luxury of repainting your whole space, place the mirror in the darkest part of the room to lighten it up!

Multipurpose Furniture

Who said the main attraction should be your furniture? To take advantage of more floor space, reduce the size of large pieces like your bed frame and sofa. You should be selective and choose items that will not make the furniture seem overbearing, making the room look less compact. If you can’t purchase new pieces, create storage underneath your bed or sofa to organize and stow away your belongings. Install shelves in a closet to transform it into a hidden dresser or convert a small table into a desk.

Take away entertainment furniture; utilize what you already have and turn it into a multi-purpose unit. Completely eliminating a hutch or entertainment center and mounting your television to the wall will make the room look less cluttered.

If you are feeling adventurous, purchase floating shelves as storage. They are easy to install and come in a wide variety of styles to fit with any décor. Not only do they have a low maintenance set up, they give height, making your room seem bigger.

If you are looking to physically expand the square footage of your space, our team will assist you in choosing the perfect remodeling plan. Seapointe’s team of professionals will help you create the spacious room you have always wanted.

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When Is It Time to Remodel?

When life changes, you need to adapt. Knowing the perfect moments for change can be challenging. You might have been putting off remodeling, but here are events that call for a revision to your home.

When Is It Time to Remodel? | Sea Pointe Construction

When a Baby is on the Way

Is your family going to grow? Perhaps you have a decent sized home, but have not felt the need to convert your cluttered spare bedroom into a living space… Once a baby is one the way, it’s time! Babies need their own nurseries, and timing for constructing one is important. Plan for the remodel in the early months of pregnancy, so you are not overwhelmed when it is crunch time later on.

When your Child is Going Off to College

Have you always wanted a guest room? There is no better time to make this happen than when one of your own leaves the nest to flock off to college. Transform your child’s old room into a lovely guest room for grandparents, aunt/uncles, or friends to stay when they visit. If your master bedroom shares a wall with a soon to be empty room, perhaps you want to knock it down and expand your space. Give yourself that bigger bathroom you have always imagined or that massive walk in closet.

When you Plan on Selling your Home

A perfect time to remodel is when you are planning to sell your home. While changing things up right before you leave might seem counterintuitive, the benefits will be obvious once you get prospective buyers. Sure, a remodel will cost you, but a successful remodel adds value to your home. If you redo a bathroom or kitchen before placing your home on the market, you can expect potential buyers to be willing to pay more, since they won’t be inheriting any fix-it projects.

When High Costs are Breaking your Bank

Are you spending too much on AC, heating, and energy bills? It is probably because your home built in the sixties is not as well insulated as newer homes are, (and not to mention, your unit is outdated). The more conducive your home is to saving energy, the cheaper it will be to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When your Income or Savings has Increased

“Sweetie, I just got a raise!” Any increase in income is a joyous time for homeowners because owning and maintaining a home is so costly. Homes require maintenance. Each year homeowners should apply the 1% Rule: this rule of thumb tells you to spend 1% of your purchased cost back into your home every year. Small things like painting the interior and exterior are often forgotten because it is not as immediately important as fixing something that is broken. When you save a little extra cash, you are afforded the luxury to make some home improvements.

If you find yourself at any of these points in life, you might consider a remodel of some kind. Whether it be a revamped kitchen, an addition, or simple home maintenance, call us to get your remodel started as soon as possible. We want to make your wants, needs, and desires for your perfect home, a reality.