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How To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

While we tend to focus much of our energy on remodeling indoors, we shouldn’t let that be the reason our backyard faces neglect. Countless landscape and remodeling options may seem intimidating at first, but passing up on your space’s potential is forgoing an investment in relaxation. Even thinking about your dream backyard can serve as a jumping off point to creating your ideal outdoor space.

Keeping in mind a few tips and focus areas in your backyard can make all the difference in the appeal of your space. Whether you are aiming for an extension of the wilderness or a resort-like retreat, your backyard is customizable to achieving that perfect escape from four walls.

How To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis- Sea Pointe Construction
Exercise your Green Thumb

Plants have the ability to enhance the nature your home already has. Trees can cater to the lush, natural space of your yard while providing shade to a home vulnerable to direct sunlight. This energy efficient alternative has the benefit of a natural filtering process, as trees release moisture in the air. Get some color with year-round plants like Hibiscus flowers, which add a tropical feel with a constant bloom. Low-maintenance options like Daylilies thrive in a variety of climates and won’t leave plant deposits in your pool. Larger plants add natural fencing that garner privacy from neighbors and hide unsightly fencing that borders the lawn.

Introduce an Outdoor Kitchen

Make the most of your new oasis by sharing the fun! Bring all of the entertaining outside with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. This extended living space is ideal for social gatherings on warm nights and keeps the cooking odors outdoors. Utilizing the proper materials for your space will ensure cabinets are durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and sealed to keep out pests. Make your space functional with a layout that accommodates meal preparation, cooking, and socializing, so you’ll never miss a beat when hosting. With built-in appliances and storage, this space will connect style and convenience, both increasing the value of your home.

Bring the Heat with a Fire Pit

Warmth, light and ambience are just a few of the attractive features heightened through the addition of a fire pit. Used as either a focal point or accent to your outdoor design, fire pits offer customizable options to fit any space. Gas fire pits bring a natural option that is easily lit with a key or switch, while propane eliminates the use of a gas line. Fire bowls present a middle-ground between portable and built-in pits that lends itself to personalization of color, size and shape. Fire tables can be lined with stone and counter space for a design that functions to entertain. Regardless of your fire pit preference, extra seating invites everyone to grab a marshmallow for toasting on those warm summer nights.

The design and aesthetics of your outdoor space has the power to transform any home exterior into your dream location. Creating your outdoor oasis can be feasible and unique with the selection of materials and architecture. Utilizing functional and decorative additions provides both the ideal place to host a social gathering or escape for a moment of relaxation.

For further questions about customizing your outdoor living space, contact Sea Pointe Construction at 949-861-3400 for a free in-home consultation.

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Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

The brightness of a room has the power to affect both the emotional and aesthetic appeal of your home. Opening up your space to light can be inviting to guests, while still maintaining the coziness of your space. Your home can experience the enticing benefits of natural light unmatched by artificial alternatives with just a few isolated changes to your space.
Take control of the brightness of your room with five techniques that can make better use of your darker space:

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home | Sea Pointe Construction

1. Add a Skylight

Introducing a peak into the outdoors not only creates a room with a view, but offers a destination for natural light. Differing in size, material, and shape, the customizable options for your desired room are innumerable. Fixed skylights are great for living rooms to invite sunlight, while ventilating skylights can be utilized in bathrooms and kitchens for air flow and moisture reduction. UV deflection and elimination of direct sunlight are just a few of the advantages of adding a skylight to your home.

2. Insert Floor to Ceiling Windows

Want to set a relaxing tone and brighten your room simultaneously? Floor to ceiling windows are a valuable choice to offer additional light to your room. Cut energy costs by connecting the interior to the exterior and replacing artificial lighting. This addition can be a focal point or accent to any room.

3. Utilize Natural Light You Already Have

While full renovation can be costly, simple adjustments can offer refuge to a dark room. Remembering to keep blinds and drapes open for constant sun contact in peak hours will instantly brighten the appearance of any space. Replacing window coverings with wooden shutters can also present a manageable and cost-effective solution to your home. Full light control and an easy to clean surfaces are just a few of the benefits. Hanging mirrors around the room can reflect sunlight in dimly lit corners when placed opposite of windows.

4. Opt for Neutral Paint

Adding a light paint color can brighten and enlarge the appearance of any room. Unlike darker palettes, white paint does not absorb light and even offers a surface for sunlight to bounce wall to wall. Keeping neutral colors on the room’s perimeter adds the freedom to experiment with colorful interior design, while still keeping the openness of a fully lit room.

5. Remove a Separating Wall

Eliminating excessive barriers between rooms can be visually and emotionally appealing. An open floor plan has the added advantage of space for homes of less square footage, while also creating a connection between rooms that feels inviting and comfortable. Replacing wooden dividers with glass, such as integrating French doors into the set up, can also offer a transparent alternative that bridges light from one room to another.

Whether you choose to brighten your room through remodel or redesign, the space and appeal of your home can be maximized with a few alterations. Inviting light into your space can be the transformation that your room needs.

Interested in integrating any of these techniques into your home? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction for more information today.

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How Paint Can Impact a Room

Picking the right paint for your home can be a challenge, as anyone who has faced an array of paint chips can confirm. You may feel like you don’t know where to begin in picking the right color or finish. It’s worth taking the time to think about, because the right choice can set a mood, provide a focal point, or help make a room look larger or brighter.

How Paint Can Impact a Room | Sea Pointe Construction

The most obvious aspect of paint to consider is the color. Colors can influence our mood, and many designers and psychologists suggest considering how a particular color makes you feel in deciding what hue is right for a room. The darker the shade of a particular color, the more pronounced the effect can be. For a bedroom, soothing shades such as blues and greens are more likely to help you relax and unwind, while red, energetic and known to stimulate the appetite, might be better for a kitchen. Experts also agree that green is a good color for a home office, as it promotes productivity. How you plan to use a room can be a good guide to the mood you want to achieve, and thus the best color for the job.

Paint can also affect how you perceive the size of a room. Warmer colors can make small rooms cozy and large rooms more intimate, while cooler colors can make a space seem larger than it actually is. Painting a ceiling white or a lighter color than the walls makes a room feel more open. If you have a room that doesn’t get much natural light, consider a light-colored neutral on the walls to make the space seem brighter. On the other hand, a room that gets a lot of natural light can look crisp and inviting when painted white. However, don’t assume a dark color will make a small room seem smaller; dark colors tend to recede, and when set off with glossy white trim and moldings, a bold choice may actually open the space visually. In a large space, if an entire room of bright color seems like it would be too much, consider an accent wall instead. Painting one wall a different color from the rest of a room can break up a large space, provide a splash of color in an otherwise light room, or highlight an architectural feature like a fireplace.

The finish of your paint is also a factor to consider, as it will affect the appearance of color you choose. A flat paint gives a nice matte look, and hides any imperfections on your walls better than other paint finishes. It can make dark colors look rich, but it is also hard to clean, so it isn’t the best choice in a bathroom or kitchen. An eggshell or satin finish provides a bit of subtle sheen, enhancing the light in a room, while still being fairly forgiving if your walls aren’t perfect. A semi-gloss paint provides even more reflectivity, while also being a great choice for high-moisture environments like the kitchen or bathroom, but it is the most likely to make flaws obvious. Think about the effect you are trying to achieve with your color choice when you consider finishes to make sure you are happy with the final result.

Paint is one of the easiest things to change in your home to give a fresh look to your décor, so don’t hesitate to express yourself! The right paint scheme can enhance the beauty of every room in your house.

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Choosing the Right Countertop Material for Your Needs

There are more countertop materials available now than ever before. With so many options, it can be tempting to simply choose one based on looks alone. However, there’s a lot more to consider than just aesthetics. Homeowners are wise to assess how they use a kitchen before deciding on any countertop material. What works for a single business person who is rarely home can be dramatically different than what’s needed for a busy family with kids.

Choosing the Right Countertop Material for Your Needs | Sea Pointe Construction Blog


Granite still remains the top choice in countertops. With a wide variety of shades and variations, and two finishes (polished and honed), this surface offers infinite possibilities. Costs can range from very affordable to expensive depending on the color, finish, and origin of the stone.

The benefits of granite are substantial. This surface is strong, durable, and resistant to scratching and staining. It also provides a bacteria-resistant surface that is easy to clean. There are few downsides to granite other than it does need periodic sealing to prevent staining.

Other Natural Stone Materials

Granite is not the only stone in town! Marble, limestone, and soapstone are also popular choices. They all offer a high-end look that is often chosen for top kitchen remodels in Orange County. Because these surfaces are softer than granite and require regular care to maintain their appearance, they are typically not recommended for homeowners who want a low-maintenance, high durability surface.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone products such as Silestone, Cambria, and Caesarstone offer both durability and a wide variety of patterns and colors. These products are often priced higher than granite. Because they are engineered, it’s much easier to get additional slabs or replacements that will match exactly to existing countertops. Like with granite, they are stain and bacteria-resistant.


Concrete countertops are gaining in popularity – especially in contemporary homes. They are available in three finishes: trowel (smooth), ground (sanded to expose the sand aggregate), and pressed (to reveal marble-like veining). While concrete can enhance a sleek, modern kitchen design, it isn’t always the best choice for busy families because it requires special care.

Extreme or abrupt changes in temperature can cause concrete counters to warp, curl, or crack. Even wet towels or damp sponges left on concrete can cause discoloration. As well, acidic foods can damage the surface. To keep them looking their best, this type of countertop needs to be sealed up to four times per year and waxed every two to three months.


Butcher block and other wood countertops can give a kitchen a warm, country-like feeling. They are also easy to clean and scratches can be sanded out. Water is the biggest problem for this type of countertop. Frequent oiling and sealing can help prevent warping and cracking.


This is the most inexpensive of countertop options, and it offers great versatility in terms of colors and designs. However, it can be easily damaged by hot pans placed on the surface or scratched by knives. It also isn’t considered a desirable countertop surface by homebuyers and can potentially affect the resale value of your home.

Design Options

Square edges have long been standard for kitchen countertops, but decorative edges like radius, bullnose, bevel, egg, and ogee can add a more customized look. To maximize the look of any countertop material you choose, work with a design expert to choose a coordinating backsplash.

Not sure what type of countertop material you like the most? You may want to consider the latest trend in mixing and matching surfaces. Choosing one material for a kitchen island and another one for the rest of the countertops can be visually interesting. Another popular option is to install countertops for specific tasks. For example, butcher block can be used where you chop. Are you a baker? A marble slab can be the perfect place for kneading bread dough, rolling out pizza crust, and making cookies.

If you’re in the market for countertops, take the time to consider how you’ll use the kitchen, as well as what you want it to look like. Want more information? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction today.