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Home Remodeling Projects to Start During Winter

Here in sunny Southern California, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about elements such as snow to make our winters harsh. This makes our job as Orange County home renovators a little bit easier, since we are not slaves to the weather in terms of what construction projects we take on. Plus, there are a number of home maintenance and remodeling projects that are best done during the chilly months. Whether it’s the weather that makes them ideal, or the comfort they add to your home, these projects are perfect for starting during winter.

Home Remodeling Projects to Start During Winter | Sea Pointe Construction Blog

Insulation and Weatherization

Winter is a great time to increase the insulation in your attic. This will help regulate your home’s temperatures, leading to lower heating bills (and air conditioning bills once the weather starts warming up again). Taking care of cracks and misalignment between doors, windows, and their frame will also help to prevent heat escaping your home and keep the cold elements out.

Switch Up Your Floors

Winter is an especially good season to install hard wood floors, because the cool temperature and lack of humidity prevents materials from gapping or water damage. The winter air also helps the adhesive to dry more quickly so you can enjoy the installation sooner. New and well-maintained flooring also helps with better insulation. Alternatively, putting in new carpet can create a cozy atmosphere to an otherwise standard room.


Since the days are typically darker, and nighttime comes sooner in winter, this is an ideal time to add more lighting to your home. Perhaps you have always wanted to install recessed lighting, or you are ready to add a large statement chandelier. Whether you are swapping out old fixtures for new ones, or adding some where there were none before, this will literally brighten up your living space and lend for a more enjoyable indoor area.

Basement Remodeling

Since many basements do not have temperature control, trying to work on them during the hotter months can be excruciating. Reserve basement remodeling for the wintertime when it’s a bit more bearable. Since all the work is underground, your home (and workers) will not be exposed to any elements that might slow down a job.


Giving your home a new paint job can brighten up your indoor space when it seems so dull and dreary outside. Painting can be a fun activity on your own or with your family to beat cabin fever (or get your kids off of their tablets!). Consider light, warm colors that will put you in the mood for spring’s arrival.

Doing small remodeling jobs around the house can make winter exciting, and prepare you for a fresh new year. Sea Pointe Construction can help with your design and build remodeling in Orange County and surrounding Southern California cities. Let us help you end your year with a new beginning for your home and family.

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What You Need to Know About Repainting Your Home

A fresh coat of paint can make your house the shining star on the block. Whether you’re repainting the stucco on the outside of your home, or touching up scuff marks in your kid’s bedroom, it’s important to know how to do it correctly. Painting is a great way to breathe life back into your home, but both indoor and outdoor jobs can be quite a task. Keep reading to discover what you need to know about painting your home to ensure a successful paint job.

Retouching Wear and Tear

When it comes to repainting your home, simply painting over current wear and tear is not a good idea, and will only lend for a short-term cover up.

For an exterior job, here are some maintenance tasks to complete before painting a fresh coat:

  • Pressure-wash the dirt away from the wall’s surfaces
  • Fix cracks and chips
  • Replace rotting wood

A coat of primer might be necessary if the exterior is presenting stains or rust. If you see gaps between the house and the trim, a caulking gun is recommended for closing these gaps so the paint can lie on a smooth surface. Think of a fresh coat of paint as a new beginning rather than a cover-up.

For an interior job, first patch any cracks or holes using wall putty. Once that dries, make sure you sand it so the surface is flat and smooth. If your walls are textured, you will want to spray texture for the area to blend in. Move on to prime the walls. You can purchase paint that has primer mixed in, or buy them separately for a two-step process.

One Coat at a Time

Painting can be a long process because it requires drying time before moving on to the next task. Not only must you paint in sections, but several coats are usually necessary to completely cover the walls. All trim needs to be protected before painting the standing walls. Use painter’s tape to shield them from getting splashed or brushed. Wait for the paint on the wall to dry before moving on to the trim. Painting the trim can be difficult because you have to be more meticulous than you would typically be using a large roller brush on wide wall spaces. For small corners or nooks, smaller brushes and attention to detail are essential. You should consider repainting your home interior every five to ten years.

Adding Color

Are all of the walls in your home white? If so, it might be time to consider some color. Color can change our perceptions of the space we stand in. For example, certain colors on all four walls of a room might make the room appear smaller than it actually is (such is the case with darker colors). Selecting colors can take time in and of itself because you want to make sure you will love the end result. Do you want this room to feel restful with soft tones or bold and bright with accented walls? Consider bringing home small amounts of paint options to swatch on your walls to help visualize the change in color.

Painting Techniques

Finally, there are numerous techniques for painting both for the interior and exterior of your home. In early times before smooth rollers were invented, brushes would leave bristle marks on the wall. While some found this to be unattractive, decorative paint displays such as these have become more common. For example, you can make louder paint marks in shapes and patterns by using different brushes. Additionally, by using painter tape to divide blank spaces on the wall, you can create a framed color-block look or divide the wall with a darker lower half and lighter upper half. Let your walls be the statement of your home. Don’t be afraid to animate your living space with color and design.

Repainting your home is a feat, but it will make all the difference in the long run. If you’re not up for the task or need a little help, Sea Pointe Construction can assist in small painting jobs. Stop by our design showroom to consult one of our experts on making your Orange County home a stand-out.

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Create the Perfect Walk-In Closet

6 Ideas that will allow you to Walk in to Luxury

Does walking into your closet feel as though you’re stepping into a vortex of chaos? Often, we allow our closet spaces to become messy, unorganized, and cluttered because we think we can simply “shut the door.” Don’t fall victim to this mentality surrounding your closet space; you deserve to have your dream closet! Sea Pointe Construction can help you remodel any size closet to make it ideal for you. First, you need some ideas. The following are six great walk-in closet ideas.

1. Racks for Hanging Clothes


If your closet is tall, you can stack two to three rows of hanging racks on top of each other. If you are concerned about clothes being up too high, they have racks that pull down from a handle.   These types of closet rods allow you to stack the rack or grab an item, and then easily return the rack back up. This idea will allow you to utilize the height of your closet space while still allowing the shorter folks to easily reach all items.

2. Shelves


Shelves are perfect for placing items on and when they are custom installed into your closet, the placement can be entirely to your design. You know what items you have so you know what kind of space is needed between shelves. If you have tall boots, you might made the gap between the lowest shelf and the next up larger than if you were placing small flats or sandals on that level.

3. Cubbies


Installing cubbies can be multi-purposeful. Cubbies are similar to shelves, but they break up the space even more so. A cubby will divide large portions of the closet into small areas perfect for one pair of shoes, one handbag, or a short stack of folded clothes. Cubbies can be great because they often fit decorative storage bins or crates in which you can place items, and then slide the bin into the square cubby. These bins can add color or design to the cubbies in your closet while concealing the items on the shelf.

4. Built-in Drawers


Not too many people have standalone dressers anymore, because if they have the space, they prefer all clothes to be in the walk-in closet. Drawers conceal your items and are easy to pull-out and push-in (when not too full). We like to place smaller articles of clothing such as undergarments or bathing suits in drawers because they are generic looking and do not need to be on display. Three to four drawers might be all you need for your closet, which do not take up much height or width. On top, you will have plenty of space to another clothes rack, cubbies, or shelves.

5. Center Islands & Vanities


Nothing is quite as luxurious in a closet as having a center island or vanity station for primping. Center islands are becoming more popular in closets because they help to divide one side from your partner’s side. The way an island works in the closet is similar to its functionality in the kitchen. An island offers more counter space to fold your clothes or place small accessory items on top. The base of it will allow for additional drawers or cupboard storage. You can desire an island to function in whichever way suits your taste.

6. Installing Good Lighting


Finally, you’ll want to consider what type of lighting your closet has. If one wall of the closet is a portion of your external foundation, putting a window in to access natural sunlight can be smart. If the ceilings are high in your closet space, you can install a high-rise window or a skylight on the roof.

With these ideas, begin picturing what types of closet displays you want. An ideal closet might incorporate all six of these suggestions. Any closet can be transformed into a closet you desire. With a little planning, you can be on your way to feeling like a king and queen in your newly remodeled walk- in closet.

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Ways to Add Wood to Your Home

When you walk into a hardware store, it is a sure fact that you will find aisles of wood. Wood comes in an array of cuts which make for perfect materials to use in our homes. While we might not realize all the various ways wood can enhance our spaces, it is a material in particular that deserves to be highlighted. Whether your home’s theme is rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary, wood can be used a number of ways to refurbish the look of your home. Here are some ways to utilize the earth’s gift of timber.

Ways to Add Wood to Your Home

Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors can offer your home a rustic look or a clean finish look, depending on the type of wood you plan to install. However, it is important to consider the presence of moisture when deciding which floors to lay and where to lay them. Moisture can create issues, causing your floor to gap or warp. While classic wood is still a common option for flooring, engineered wood works on plywood or concrete subfloors. Engineered wood comes already laminated in easy to assemble planks. Installation is simple because you can lay the wood using glue rather than nails. The way engineered wood is constructed means it should not expand or contract, alleviating the potential for moisture leakage and making this type of flooring perfect for hallways, living rooms, or kitchens.

Wood Furniture

Most furniture is made from wood, but then is primed, painted, and coated so much that you can hardly tell it was wood to begin with. The presence of natural wood is becoming a staple look for some homes. Let your furniture look natural by crafting a wooden table, coffee table, or end tables to use on a daily basis. Depending on your personal taste, you might craft a table with bench seating for a more communal and picnic feel or you can make individual chairs. Make an island for your kitchen using wood. Gather plywood planks, craft a cube, and then cut out spaces in the side to add cupboards and cabinets. Doing this gives you added space to store kitchen materials in the middle.

Ways to Add Wood to Your Home

Accent a Wall

Turn one of your plain white walls into a wooden accent wall. There are many ways to design a great accent wall. One, you could align the same size planks in neat rows. Hanging pictures and décor can easily be done on a wooden wall. Plus, if you are someone who likes the outdoors, this look gives your home a nature- feel without needing to go outside. A second idea is you could use various pieces or shapes to create a more scattered and unplanned look on the wall. This look will allow for some pieces to stick out creating shelves or a 3D design. Doing this on a wall in your kitchen could make for a neat storage display of your spices or oils. The options for presentation are nearly endless.

Ways to Add Wood to Your Home

Wall Art

For those who own smaller homes or live in tighter spaces, a whole wall might be too much accent, so you should consider hanging wooden art pieces. A number of shapes and signs can be made out of timber, plywood, regular wood, or laminated wood. Create a border on the wall using thin wood planks to frame a space; add interest to a certain focal point on the wall. Another great idea is to make your own art. Take long planks and nail them together side by side. Then cut the large created square in a circle, star, rectangle, or shape of your desire. Paint each plank a different color, or leave them in their natural wooden element. With these crafted art cut-outs, take it one step further by adding smaller pieces of letter or number cut outs. Create your own signs by posting words, phrase, or important dates to create personalized pieces of wall décor.

The look of wood can be universally standard or very unique depending on your personal style. Nevertheless, wood is perfect for enhancing the look of your home both on the floors and the walls. While some of these refurbishments are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, the possibilities for using wood are endless. Sea Pointe Construction can help will all of your general carpentry needs. To see some of our wood work, visit our Design Showroom page.