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How To Find Your Room’s Focal Point

Often when we enter a room our eyes are instantly drawn to a particular spot of interest. This area beckoning the attention, from you and your guests, is called the focal point. These eye-catching features and statement pieces are responsible for tying together décor, adding intrigue to the space and breathing life into the room. Without a highlighted focal point, your room can end up feeling lackluster or unexciting.

Many of us have rooms that already exhibit natural areas of interest through the layout and architectural features in our home, but they might be concealed by large furniture pieces, dramatic drapery or distracting décor. Another common problem people face is when the focal points created through design and themes fall victim to overbearing and competing accents.

To solve these issues and hone in on a focal point in your space, here are a few guidelines that can help highlight its best features:

How to find your room's focal point- Sea Pointe Construction
The Architecture

The architecture and design of your home can be the most unique quality your room possesses. Take a moment to envision your room empty, and note any architectural features that stand out to find your focal point. Emphasize your focal point with décor, paint, or furniture organized around it. You can even illuminate the feature with custom lighting to accentuate it any time of the day.

The View

Sometimes your best asset indoors is a peek into the outdoors. Oversized windows and skylights leave a room feeling open and connected. Ridding the area of overcrowded pieces can keep the attention on a beautiful view. For an added bonus, French doors are a great way to marry architecture and design with a glimpse into the yard.

The Color

Color can be the easiest addition to your room, as it’s a focal point fully in your control. A striking piece of artwork or a large colorful armchair has the power to brighten up a neutral room. Balancing a bright color scheme with softer tones will help specific pieces stand out. Throwing in some patterned pillows and printed rugs can accent the featured piece without stealing the spotlight.

When selecting your focal point, it’s important to keep in mind that the other assets in your room should help highlight the chosen area. Typically, most designers rule that the largest piece of furniture should almost always face the focal point. However, rearranging furniture to section off the room can allow more space to add an extra featured area.

Don’t hesitate to change it up and show off your new favorite part of the room. Consider room necessities like how much foot traffic it draws, or what you want the main function of your space to be. The best part of your focal point is the ability to choose how and when you want to highlight décor.

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Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom

While it may not have the most square-footage in our homes, our bathrooms tend to get a majority of the foot traffic. The constant visibility and use by family members and guests has us striving to maximize space in even the tiniest of bathrooms. As tackling the décor and design of these smaller spaces can prove to be a little bit trickier than the rest of your home, renovating the bulkier fixtures can help you achieve full-potential for you pint-sized powder room.

In preparation to take on this challenge, here are five bathroom updates to consider when you want to make the most of your small space:

Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom- Sea Pointe Construction.

1. Show-off Your Shower

Take on the biggest space-sucker in your bathroom with a simple upgrade to your shower doors. Surrendering the curtains to glass door alternatives gives you the power to transform your space entirely. These transparent fixtures keep the fluidity of the room, unlike patterned and textured dividers. Sliding glass walls still master the same open effect without occupying any space to swing open. For those feeling even more adventurous, opting for an open shower adds a completely unique addition to your bathroom while leaving no square inch of the room hidden. For a little less exposure, half-walls can shield the rest of the room from a splash-zone, but keep the entire space still feeling open and accessible.

Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom- Sea Pointe Construction

2. Spice Up Your Storage

Incorporate your storage space into the décor with exposed fixtures and accents. Utilizing open shelves in lieu of closed off vanities can give the illusion of sweeping wall space, while still housing your belongings. Try filling woven baskets with toilet paper and bathroom linens to keep the area organized in a visually appealing way. Glass jars are a trendy and neat ornament to store bars of soap and cotton products on open counter spaces, without crowding the limited storage space you already have.

3. Change Up Your Sink

The sink takes up more room than you think. Large vanities with double sinks can be convenient for frequently used spaces, but aren’t optimal for smaller layouts. Pedestal sinks can be a better solution for a room that would benefit from the additional real estate. Troughs and floating sink cabinet designs can also save floor space while still giving more to the room’s decor than just traditional porcelain. This switch can instantly lessen the overcrowding of your room by showcasing the walls for a statement with paint or wallpaper.

Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom- Sea Pointe Construction width=

4. Keep it Cornered

For a more expansive remodel, move your largest pieces to the corners of your bathroom. Positioning a vanity between the two walls can eliminate the possibility of awkward, unused space. Corner shelves can be another option for moving the storage away from the more frequented areas. By leaving the bathroom un-sectioned, the room appears more inviting and spacious.

Whether you are incorporating a large remodel or a few simple adjustments to free up your bathroom’s space, playing with the design and functionality of your new additions can remove some of the constraints of a smaller room. Interested in maximizing the space of your bathroom? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction for a consultation today.

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Which Type of Storage is Right for You: Wall Cabinets or Open Shelves

Many of us like to think our methods of organization always work. But as our days become busier and our rooms face clutter, we often find ourselves searching for any extra space to house our belongings. A fix to this problem can be the installation of custom storage. Wall cabinets and open shelves are two popular options for freeing up the space in your room. Whether you are hoping to hide the mess from guests or eagerly show off your favorite displays, custom cabinetry or open shelving can be the ticket for managing all of your extra stuff.

As you consider the amount of protection and visual exposure you want for your custom storage, keep in mind a few of the other advantages when selecting which style is right for you:

Which Type of Storage is Right for You: Wall Cabinets or Open Shelves- Sea Pointe Construction

Wall Cabinets

An aesthetically pleasing and functional use of space can be found with the addition of wall cabinets. Take the opportunity to shield unattractive wires, bulky electronics, and excess items behind closed doors. For an added bonus, incorporate pull-out drawers to provide extra convenience for whatever you’re choosing to hide away. After you clean up the appearance of your newly organized room, compliment the design and customize the look of your cabinet with the selection of inset or overlay doors. To further personalize the cabinet’s structural features, consider the material options of solid wood, laminate, or natural veneers. If you’re not installing new cabinets, updating custom cabinetry is as easy as a quick coat of paint and new hardware.

Open Shelves

Open shelves invite a different way to store items. Whether you want to highlight eye-catching décor or showcase a holiday display, this type of custom storage can be useful all year-round. Open shelving is the perfect solution to providing easy access to possessions, while still keeping them safe and out of reach. Simple additions to the backsplash like bold paint color or patterned wallpaper can easily turn your custom storage into a focal point of the room. But don’t get too carried away with the new space, as limiting the amount of items in your display can help the room feel lighter and more open.

Having trouble deciding which option better fits your home? Get the best of both worlds by adding glass doors to your custom cabinetry. This trick still gives the appearance of open storage, but keeps the items safe behind closed doors. Whichever you choose, incorporating personal finishes and complimenting displays can accommodate the need for functionality and design in a completely custom addition to your room.

Are you ready to tackle the clutter? Let Sea Pointe give you an in-home consultation and show you how we can help your space reach its full potential.

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Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

The front of your home speaks to the style and location of your neighborhood. Why not have it make a statement about you? With a clean and customized look, your home’s street-view can make a first impression that’s impossible to forget. Whether you’re channeling a Mediterranean inspired villa or a contemporary-modern design, use this opportunity to give guests a taste of your style before even stepping foot inside.

Sprucing up a few focal areas in your front yard can make all the difference. Here are a few suggestions to easily target exterior assets and maximize curb appeal:

Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal-Sea Pointe Construction

Update your Front Door

Attract your neighborhood’s attention with an updated front door. Bold colors like cherry red or cool blue can customize your entrance with a dash of personality. Replace deteriorating materials with stock wood doors for a less expensive substitute to solid wood, and without the high susceptibility to warping. Change it up by mimicking this popular style of wood through fiberglass alternatives for a reasonably maintenance-free door. You can also incorporate glass panels to lighten up the heavy appearance.

Illuminate your Home

Lighting up your front entrance has the ability to increase security while enhancing your home’s aesthetics. Guide guests down the walkway with an illuminated path. Offsetting the landscape lights on both sides of the path can control the width of your walkway and compliment the exterior design. Choose from lamps, lanterns, posts or even recessed lighting to boost the mood. Low voltage options keep the entrance warm and inviting, while solar lights serve the environment and your wallet. Use motion sensors for a more cost effective way to control lighting your home late at night.

Tend to your Garden

Adding potted plants by the front door can be eye catching to visitors. For multidimensional displays, introduce some greenery to your walls with mounted pots or hanging plants. Have a covered entrance? Shield plants from unfavorable weather conditions utilizing this additional advantage. Planting a variety of seasonal blooming flowers is an easy solution to finding your yard’s focal point. Take the floral to new heights! Climbing roses can mask weathered gates or bring some life to a wall.

Install a Bay Window

Expand your peek into the outdoors with a bay window. This style of window adds dimension to the front of your home with a three panel option in either casemate, double hung or fixed, that protrudes from the outer wall. Customization can invite light into the front room, while increasing ventilation through double openings. Throw on comfy pillows and cushions to create the perfect nook for reading, a seat to enjoy the panoramic view, or a new favorite spot for your pet to nap and keep watch.

A well-kept lawn and an updated outdoor appearance are the first steps in reaching full potential of your home’s curb appeal. By adding your own personal touches of style and design, your home can be the head-turner of your neighborhood.

Take time to consider the right materials to achieve the look you have envisioned for your home’s statement. Want more information on installation and updating your home’s features? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction today.

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